Fitness suite

We will be upgrading alot of our equipment in September 2017, the list below shows the current equipment we offer

Our range of cardiovascular equipment includes:
8 Upright and 4 Recumbent Cycles
10 Treadmills
10 Total Body Cross Trainer
2 Powermill Stairclimbers
2 Steppers
5 Rowers
2 Summit Trainers

Our range of functional fitness equipment on our new synrgy 360 includes:
Standard TRX
Box Jump
Sand Bags
Medicine Balls
Rock Hold Pull up
Dip/Core Bars
Core Bar
Boxing Bag
Resistance Bands
Slam Balls
and many more items 

Our range of resistance equipment includes:
Abdominal Machine
torso Rotation
Bicep Curl
Chest Press
Fly Machine
Hip Abduction
Hip Adduction
Leg Extension
Seated Leg Curl
Back Extension
Seated Leg Press
Lateral Raise
Pulldown Machine
Row/Rear Delt Machine
Shoulder Press
Triceps Press
Calf Extension
Glute Machine
2 Dual Adjustbale Pulleys
Cable Crossover
2 Smith Machines
2 8 ft Power Racks
Preacher Curl

In addition we offer a Selction of free weights, benches and bars

When you join Marjon Sport & Health, you may be required to have a short induction with one of the team, who will show you around the gym and give you a basic understanding of the equipment. If you are in good health and am confident with gym equipment an indcution will not be required if you complete a waiver. There is also the option to have a personal programme, where one of the team will meet with you on a 1 to 1 basis, to provide you with a programme tailored to your ability, which you can then follow to help you achieve your goals. Inductions are £6.40 and personal programmes are £14.00 for pay as you go members, however, direct debit members enjoy both an induction and a personal programme free of charge (Personal programme must be taken within 3 months of joining).

Any questions?

Image of Fitness Suite