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Welcome back

We are open to anyone aged 16 years and over, at this time we are unable to offer pay as you go but you can purchase a 10 visit membership to use anytime within 6 months - its the next best thing!

All visits for the gym and pool need to be booked in advance and details on how to do this will sent when you have joined, a FAQ on bookings is shown below

We are temporarily operating reduced hours and will be closing at 9pm weekdays and 4pm weekends, the following slots are available to book, booking is done online and details will be sent with your welcome email when you join:

Weekdays : 0630-0740, 0755-0905, 0920-1030, 1045-1155, 1210-1320, 1335-1445, 1500-1610, 1625-1735, 1750-1910, 1925-2045.

Weekends : 0905-1015, 1030-1145, 1200-1300, 1315-1430, 1445-1555

Swimming Pool
Weekdays : 0640-0725, 0745-0830, 0850-0935, 0955-1040*, 1100-1145*, 1240-1325, 1345-1430*, 1450-1535*, 1555-1640, 1700-1745, 1805-1850, 1940-2035 
On Friday's there will be no slots available from 1555 onwards due to swimming lessons, these slots will be offered over the summer holidays
* As we are a University a very limited number of these slots may be used for teaching so will not always be available to book

Saturday : 1340-1425, 1445-1545
Additional sessions will be offered in the morning over the summer holidays

Sunday : 0905-0950, 1010-1055, 1115-1200, 1235-1320, 1340-1425, 1445-1545

Swimming Lessons
Details on swimming lessons re-starting will follow, at first we will be contacting those who we are holding a payment for from last year to offer lessons from the end April. From September we will be launching a new swimming lesson programme, more details and to register your interest can be found here


Booking frequently asked questions

When can I book?
Slots are available to book from the day before (i.e. on Sunday you can book for Monday and so on)

How many slots can I book at one time?
Initially you can only book 1 slot per day. If we can relax this later we will.

Why can I only book a day in advance?
We have done this to prevent people overbooking slots with good intentions and then not coming. If we can relax this later we will.

Can I see the time slots that will be available?
Scroll up to the top of this page and you can see the slots available under the lockdown 3 section.

If I can’t see any slots in the future does that mean you’re fully booked?
No, the system will only show slots the day before.

How do i set up my online account?
All the steps are shown on our facebook page or website.

When trying to set up my online account I don’t get an email to reset your password?
This could be because the email address we have on our system is different or we don’t have one on your account (for security the system wont tell you if an email isn’t registered) email with your name and date of birth and we will ensure we have all your details.

What is my member id for setting up my account?
This is your direct debit reference number, the quickest way to find it is through your online banking under manage direct debits. If you cannot find it or have a prepaid membership just email us . Please include your name and date of birth for verification.

What if i can't make my booking?
Log into the app, cancel your booking and make another. We may restrict membership to those who book and don’t show.

I'm not a member but can i book as the system allowed me to create an account?
The system will allow you to register if we have your details on file, if you don’t hold a live membership no slots will appear to book when they are released.

Will there be a swimming timetable like before?
Currently we are only offering general swimming to members only and the times available are shown on the booking system. Swimming times will vary later when term commences and services such as swimming lessons and student teaching returns.

Are you taking new members or re-joiners?
Yes just visit to join 

Register for online bookings

If you have recently joined online you do not need to follow these steps, just follow the steps in your welcome email.

Step 1 – Click You can also use the "book now" buttton on our facebook page

Step 2 – Press “forgotten your password”

Step 3 – Enter the email address that you have us when you registered and check your inbox for the reset link, click on this link.

Step 4 – Enter your personal member ID 

Step 5 – Enter your email and new password 

You can now book sessions, if you are registering to pay a charge log in and click on your basket

If you need any help or need to check your member ID or the email we have registered for you just email


Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are not currently running and information will be available in the weeks to come about its return, we expect a full swimming lesson programme to return in September, for more information please click here.  

Can I receive a refund for the lessons cancelled that I paid for?
Every swimmer automatically had credits added to there accounts which will be used against future lessons when we restart. If you would prefer a refund please email  

I didn't re-booko my child last term due to the closure, will my child have lost their space?
Swimmers on our program when we closed will take priority for when we reopen. Spaces will be offered first to those who we are holding a payment for.  

Will my child's swimming lesson be the same time and day as before?  
At present we are unaware of the swimming lesson structure when we return.  But we will do our best to accommodate everyone and our current swimmers on the program when we closed will take priority.

A message from Simon White, Manager of Marjon Sport & Health Centre

Dear staff, students and members,

I am really looking forward to welcoming you back to our sports centre. We are excited to be reopening soon and I can assure you that the correct measures are in place for your safety.

We have a three-phase approach to reopening to ensure a safe environment for everyone. We are currently in the first phase, meaning we are ‘Covid-secure’ and under government guidelines we are ready to open our doors to you. We can only welcome registered members from our initial opening date and only gym and swim activities will be available.

Social distancing measures have been put in place, ready for your return. We will continue to run our gym and swim services while following our new safety measures. We are in the process of launching a booking system, that will allow you to reserve a slot to use our facilities and we will continue to operate the same opening hours.

Within the gym you will see that some machines are out of action to maintain a safe distance from other trainers, as well as set limits on certain equipment. This will give every user a chance to complete their training during their time slot. We have floor stickers to ensure that machines correctly spread apart and signs are in place to remind you to clean your equipment before and after use. There will also be a midday close of the gym for an additional deep clean.

In the swimming pool social distancing will apply both in and out of the water. Our changing rooms have a new system and you can read our guidelines on changing and showering by clicking the link below. When swimming, we have separated our usual three lanes in to two wider lanes and we have introduced a two-metre cut off zone in the middle of the pool, to again maintain social distancing. Our lanes will run in opposite directions, so swimmers are not side by side when completing lengths of the pool.

Throughout the Sport & Health Centre we have created a one-way walking system to maintain the highest possible standards for your safety. These measures include hand sanitising stations and floor stickers to direct you through the building and to represent a two-metre social distance at all times. As part of the phased approach, we will slowly see a return of the full services we offer, as well as welcoming non-members and public access onto our site.

We have missed you and we are delighted to be welcoming you back very soon.

Best wishes, stay safe, stay healthy,

Simon White