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Swimming pool

To ensure the comfort and safety of our pool users at this time we are operating bookable sessions - booking site can be found here

Most session times will be running for 1 hour (there are a few 45 minute sessions) with a mix of adult only and general sessions which are open to all.


If you are a member, you will be given the option to add additional swimmers to your session when booking. Payment is required on booking and once paid, your session cannot be cancelled and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Swimming slots can be booked the day before or on the day and there is no restriction to the amount of time you can come.

To join or to register for Pay As You Go (PAYG), click here. Once registered, to book click here.

A swim lane will be available for all sessions, 2 lanes will be available for adults only sessions. 

If you are a PAYG customer, don't forget to register your car at reception on arrival.

To view the available swimming sessions, please sign into your account.


There is no better way of improving your health and fitness or having fun with the family than swimming. Our 25 metre swimming pool is 0.9 metre deep at the shallow end and 1.8 metres at the deep end.

Children are welcome to use the Marjon Sport & Health swimming pool based on the following guidelines:

Under 8
One adult to two children under 8 years old. Adult must be in the pool with the children and supervise them at all times regardless of the child’s swimming ability.

8 years and over
Children 8 years and over who can swim must have at least one adult in the viewing area of the swimming pool. Children 8 years and over who cannot swim must be accompanied by an adult until they reach 14.

14 years and over
14 years and over can swim unaccompanied.

A non-swimmer is classed as someone unable to swim a length of our pool in one go without help or assistance.

All of our sessions have a swim lane for training purposes for medium to fast swimmers. When using the swim lane please make sure you allow faster swimmers to pass at the end of the lane.

Sessions shown on the timetable are suitable for individuals, couples and families. Other groups should contact the sports centre about their requirements before visiting.

As an inclusive centre, Marjon at its’ discretion will allow disabled members/customers who require support & assistance within their session to have a carer supporting them free of charge provided they intend to be present to enable the disabled member’s/customer’s safe use of the facility. Marjon provide use of the pool hoist to allow for access in and out of the swimming pool if needed.

Our Pool Safety Operating Procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all users and do therefore need to be respected by all especially in busy public sessions. Please do not take offence if you are asked by our lifeguards to follow these.

Any questions?