Customer testimonals

Lin Massey
The sports centre has exceptional resources for all abilities. The staff is friendly and welcoming from the reception desk to the gym and swimming pool. They are approachable and willing to help, using their knowledge, skills and experience to give you the confidence to achieve your personal goals. I have been using Marjon pool since 2012; I feel relaxed here and do not feel out of place. I particularly relish swimming in the 25 metre pool, usually 4 days a week plus an aqua fit class which is great fun.

The whole sports complex is kept immaculately clean by a small staff of dedicated cleaners who work daily keeping the area spotlessly clean and tidy. They are hospitable and greet you with a cheery smile and hello.

I would not describe myself as a fitness fanatic and I have visited other local clubs with similar facilities but I did not find the atmosphere to be as relaxed and friendly.

One of the alternative swimming pools I found to be awkward to use with its different sectioned areas, I disliked the communal changing area and the cleanliness left a lot to be desired. If you are looking for a fitness facility where you won’t feel judged and want a friendly, clean and welcoming service then Marjon is the place to join.

Kerry Young
I have been coming to Marjon Sport for approximately six years now. I have always found the staff to be very welcoming and friendly. They are very approachable and keen to help-whether that is with setting up equipment in the gym or offering advice and guidance with effective programmes or new exercises. I use the centre mainly now for group exercise classes-in fact at present I do 10 classes a week and it’s a standing joke with staff and myself that I certainly get my money’s worth from my membership.

Marjon sport centre is great for me as it is local, well priced, friendly, clean and very welcoming.

Fred H Wheeler
I have been attending Marjon for 24 years since 1991 and have been swimming three times weekly. Although I don’t swim as much as I used to do I still swim half a mile each time and I am now in my 80s. I find the staff very friendly and helpful.

Mo Harris, Wendy Glynn  and  Pat Tyrell
We have been involved with Marjon and the swimming for approx. 12yrs. We all learnt to swim here and have attended weekly swimming sessions. We have all become firm friends and the staff relate to us as friends also. The boys on the counter in the snack bar are also very professional and friendly and treat us very respectfully. It is a social occasion for us all which we thoroughly enjoy.

John Hodgson
I joined Marjon sport after being diagnosed with lung problems 13 years ago and wanted to set up a healthy exercise regime. Over the last 13 years I have seen many changes to the leisure facilities, but one thing that has not changed is the friendliness of the place. From Reception, through trainers to the cleaning staff, everyone has a pleasant disposition and a welcoming smile.

As a pensioner even a moderate workout can seem a daunting prospect yet at Marjon I soon teamed up with like-minded ‘seniors’ and have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Well done Marjon for providing a friendly, family atmosphere that encourages me to crawl out of a warm bed on a cold morning to maintain my well-being.

Christine Turner
I have been using the swimming facilities for some time now and have been very happy with the amenities and also the staff are very pleasant and friendly, as are the cleaning staff and also in the café which we also use. All in all a very pleasant experience.

Liz Curry
I swim and attend aqua fit, I have been a member since 2013, Working at Marjon in 2010 I contracted meningitis and lost my limbs to be able to survive. After 13 months in hospital I learnt to walk, drive, cook and returned to work. The prosthetics physio recommended Marjon as I wanted to get in a gym and learn to swim, Last year I had one to one swimming lessons with an amazing student and can now swim better than when I had limbs. Now I swim x2 a week and was encouraged to join aqua fit last year and being strong in deep water I’m able to access this very enjoyable pool session.

Being in the pool has been healing and helped me cope after such a traumatic event in my life. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and how reception, life guard staff and café staff are very welcoming. I feel part of the Centre and part of an older customer group who are all taking exercise in the pool. Marjon was my place of work and is now a crucial part of my life and wellbeing.

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