Sports Centre FAQ


How much do I have to pay when I join?

If you join up to and including the 15th of the month, you will be asked to pay for the remainder of that month and your direct debit will start on the 1st of the following month. If however, you join after the 15th of the month you will also be expected to pay for the full following months payment as well and your direct debit which will start on the 1st of the month after that.
How do I cancel my membership and do I have to give notice?
As per our terms and conditions we ask for one full payment months’ notice in writing to cancel. You will need to contact us to advise that you wish to cancel, you will have 1 more payment to make, and you can of course still use the facilities during your notice period.
Can I freeze or suspend my membership?
We do not offer this facility; however, you can cancel as outlined above and re-join at any time.
What happens if my direct debit bounces or doesn’t go through?

If this happens you will be asked to pay by cash or card at the sports centre reception. Depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to fill in another direct debit mandate .

Can I choose when my direct debit will come out of the bank
Direct debits come out on the 1st working day of each month and this cannot be changed to another date
How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership
We require completion of  a ‘change of details’ form at reception. You will then be contacted by the membership team on Tuesday or Thursday to take any payment for the difference if you are upgrading, and to confirm when the upgrade will be effective.

When can I book onto a fitness class and what’s available?
You can book classes up to 7 days in advance. A copy of the timetable is available from reception or on our website. If you have an iphone you can download the free gymjam app which has all our timetables on. Paper copies of our classes are always available in Sports Reception.

When can I book for activities such as badminton and table tennis?
You can book these activities up to a week in advance, availability varies from one day to the next
Is there a cancellation notice for bookings?
Yes – you need to give 6 hours’ notice, otherwise, you will still be charged and you will be asked for that payment on your next visit or when attempting to make another booking.

Do I need to be a member to book into exercise classes?
You do need to be registered with us to be able to book, therefore, completion of a membership form and a health questionnaire is required before being able to attend any classes. There is no cost for this.

When is the swimming pool open?
We produce a monthly timetable which is available at reception or on our website. We have a number of regular permanent sessions that run every month which are shown in bold. The remaining sessions are shown in italics and are additional sessions which change from month to month. If you have an iphone you can download splash path for free from the app store to view our timetable.
Can I bring my children or friends with me swimming?

Yes, the pool is open to the public 
Do you do swimming lessons?
Adult and child lessons are available, and an information leaflet regarding this is available at reception. If you wish to register your interest to attend lessons you need to complete and submit a form which is found  on the swimming lesson section of the website.. The website explains how the waiting list works and when you will be contacted.


Do I have to have an induction before I can use the fitness suite and can I just turn up and be given one straight away?
An induction is required before using the Fitness Suite and although we will do our utmost to accommodate your preferred time, we cannot guarantee we can give an ‘on the spot’ induction.
Can someone help me get started in the fitness suite?

When you join you will have a brief induction to help you get started and you can also take advantage of a personal programme which is a 1-2-1 meeting with one of the team, to design a programme for you to follow – this is free if you pay annually or by direct debit.
How old do you have to be to use the fitness suite?
16 years of age, proof of age may be required.


How does the car park work?
If you pay as you go you will need to obtain a pay and display ticket and we will refund the cost of the ticket from the cost of your Sports facility purchase. If you are a direct debit or annual member (except Marjon students and staff members) you can request a parking permit each month from reception.
Is there more than one car park?
Yes – the sports centre has an overflow car park which you can use after 5pm weekdays and anytime at the weekends which is accessible opposite the entrance to the airport and is free of charge


How much are the lockers and can I use one overnight?
Lockers are £1.00 and are returnable.They can only be used when using the facilities and occasionally the lockers are checked overnight and the contents disposed of.

If you have a question about anything not covered here please email

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