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Constitution, by-laws and policies

 MSU anti-bullying policy
(adobe .pdf, 260 KB,)
 MSU code of conduct
(adobe .pdf, 149 KB,)
 MSU complaints procedure
(adobe .pdf, 113 KB,)
 MSU data protection policy
(adobe .pdf, 183 KB,)
 MSU discipinary procedure
(adobe .pdf, 144 KB,)
 MSU equality policy
(adobe .pdf, 173 KB,)
 MSU events policy
(adobe .pdf, 93 KB,)
 MSU flexible working policy
(adobe .pdf, 185 KB,)
 MSU grant application
(adobe .pdf, 132 KB,)
 MSU grievance procedure
(adobe .pdf, 123 KB,)
 MSU health and safety policy
(adobe .pdf, 150 KB,)
 MSU maternity policy
(adobe .pdf, 197 KB,)
 MSU sick absence policy
(adobe .pdf, 200 KB,)
 MSU social media policy
(adobe .pdf, 167 KB,)
 MSU Constitution
(adobe .pdf, 287 KB,)