OCR Level 1 Certificate/Diploma for IT Users - Clait 2006

Course Name: Level 1 Certificate / Diploma for IT Users
Awarding Body: OCR (Oxford, Cambridge & RSA)

Course Description
The OCR Level 1 Certificate/Diploma for IT Users is a qualification designed to recognise the skills, knowledge and understanding of IT users everywhere, whether in employment, education or training. Courses leading to a Clait qualification will equip learners with the basic range of transferable skills necessary to meet the demands of the modern workplace, and will prepare learners for progression to further training. IT Training & Support offers the following units:

Core Unit (Mandatory):

  • Unit 1. File Management & E-Document Production (Using Word 2010 and file management)

Additional Units:

  • Unit 2. Creating Spreadsheets & Graphs (Using Excel 2010)
  • Unit 3. Database Manipulation (Using Access 2010)
  • Unit 4. E-Publication Creation (Using Publisher 2010)
  • Unit 5. Create an E-Presentation (Using PowerPoint 2010)
  • Unit 6. E-Image Creation (Using Adobe PhotoShop CS2)
  • Unit 7. Web Page Creation (Using FrontPage 2007)
  • Unit 8. Electronic Communication (Internet and Email Using Outlook 2010)

Certification is available for single units. Each unit is regarded as a worthwhile achievement in its own right. Candidates have the option of achieving as many or as few units as are appropriate for their own learning needs or employment situation.

  • In order to achieve a Certificate candidates are required to achieve the core unit plus two additional optional units.
  • In order to achieve a Diploma candidates are required to achieve the core unit plus four additional optional units.

Guided Learning Hours
20 learning hours is recommended for each unit

Entry Requirements
Entry level skills required

Progression Route
Clait Plus, ECDL

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