Placements - Boost your employability

Boost your employability

"The value of placement learning cannot be underestimated. Placements provide students with the opportunity to put their academic learning into practice whilst providing opportunities to develop employability skills. Research shows that employers are more likely to employ graduates who have relevant placement experience." Philippa Elford, Employability Co-ordinator.

Research has also shown that students who undertake placements improve their academic performance, because students become more involved with the learning process and, therefore, better motivated (Andrews, Higson, Green and Jones, 2012).

Placements - Create Your Network

Create your network

When you take part in a placement, you’re showing future employers that you’re capable of taking on professional responsibilities and that you’re serious about your future career. Placements also help you to make valuable links within your industry: links which could lead to employment down the line. 

What is placement learning?

Marjon takes seriously its role of providing vocationally relevant degrees that produce employable graduates equipped with the skills to hit the ground running in their chosen careers. Offering degrees that involve placement learning is a great way for students to get practical, hands-on experience to complement their academic work in a supportive environment. It gives students the chance to contextualise and reflect on their studies as well as identify any personal strengths, weaknesses and future career aspirations. The University of St Mark & St John wants to be an asset to the South West; we want to produce graduates who have the skills to benefit the local economy and public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

SLT Placements

SLT placement guides

Links to guides which support SLT students on placements in different settings including hospitals, schools and health centres.

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