Education research supervisors

  • Dr Lystra Hagley-Dickinson

    Expertise: Criminology, Law, Minority Ethnic Offenders & Prisoner Resettlement. 

  • Dr Jon Ord

    Expertise: Young People, Teenagers, Youth, Youth Work, Education Out Of School, Anti-social Behaviour & Delinquency.

  • Dr Paul Sutton

    Expertise: Application of Social Theory to Higher Education Pedagogy, Learner & Teacher Academic Identities, Political Economy of Academic Labour & Academic Literacies (especially feedback and assessment).

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  • Dr Julie Evans

    Expertise: Childhood Studies, Gender, Early Years, Education, Social Inequalities, Children and Consumer Culture & Researching Children’s Perspectives.

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  • Dr. Sean MacBlain

    Expertise: Dyslexia, Special Needs, Psychology, Early Years, Child Development, Learning Theories, Psychological Assessment & Educational Assessment.

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  • Dr Susan Cooper

    Expertise: Evaluation and Assessment Processes & Collective Learning Groupwork.

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  • Dr Tara Hollins

    Group Collaboration, Group Processes and Group Decision Making in Primary Aged Children, Memory and Metamemory in Children, The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at Primary Level & Assessment in Teaching and Learning.

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  • Dr Ian Luke

    Expertise: Metacognitive Ability Disability, Co-operative Pedagogy Assessment,Higher Education & Initial Teacher Education.

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  • Dr Karen Stockham

    Expertise: Women, Mountaineering, Autobiography, Lifewriting, Literature, Leisure, History

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  • Dr Karen Cook

    Expertise: Recovery Strategies and Corporate Turnaround, Management Information, Management Accounting & Leadership.

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