Current PGR Students

  • Jo (Ioanna) Alexiou

    PhD Area: Health (Exercise Medicine & Wellbeing)

    PhD Title: Non-pharmacological strategies for primary cardiovascular risk prevention in asymptomatic Scuba divers with high cardiovascular risk

    Director of Studies: Dr Giorgos Sakkas

  • Avik Banerjee

    PhD Area: Education

    PhD Title: Looking behind the invisible scenes of the provision of private tutoring for the pupils with dyslexia in England - the first research providing an exploratory and detailed picture of the nature and extent of private tuition for the pupils with dyslexia in England

    Director of Studies: Dr Sean MacBlain

  • Ian Blackwell

    PhD Area: Education (Outdoor Learning & Parenting)

    PhD Title: How do activity-based 'dads only' groups benefit fathers and their children?

    Director of Studies: Dr Kass Gibson

  • Alison Millyard

    PhD Area: Sport (Thermoregulation in the elderly)

    PhD Title: Thermoregulation in the elderly

    Director of Studies: Dr Saul Bloxham