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PGR Handbook & Regulations

The PGR Handbook provides key information for MPhil & PhD students for all stages of your doctoral studies, from entry requirements, details on the key stages of the PGR life cycle and further guidance and support. Applicants and PGR students should review the handbook.

PGR Handbook (updated version will be added October 2019)

MPhil & PhD programmes undertaken at Plymouth Marjon University are accredited by the University of Chichester. Review the University of Chichester Higher Degree Regulations & Code of Practice for Research Candidature and Supervision.

Supervision Record

All postgraduate research students are required to keep a record of their progress. Students should use the research degree supervision record (RD3b) provided to record supervisory meetings and any additional training completed. Supervisors are responsible for encouraging students to maintain this record and ensure a record of your supervisory meetings is kept.

Research Degree Supervision Record (RD3b) (will be added October 2019)

PGR Life Cycle

There are key milestones which must be met throughout your students doctoral degree. Further details on each of these milestones can be found within the PGR Handbook.

Summary of PGR Student Life Cycle (will be added Oct 2019)

PGR Documentation

The forms provided below are required at various stages throughout the PGR Life Cycle. Full details can be found within the PGR Handbook. Completed forms, signed by the Director of Studies, should be submitted to

(All PGR forms are currently under review and will be added October 2019. Please contact RKEO if you require access to any forms before this point)

Supervisor Training

The Research Office is coordinating a wide range of research events and training. This includes a Research Supervisor Forum, including training for new supervisors and sharing best practice.

Our next event will take place on Wednesday 16th October 2019 and will include training on the revised postgraduate research life cycle, including an opportunity to ask any questions about the new process and forms. The PGR Administrator will circulate an Outlook invite to all supervisors for these events.


The University holds an institutional subscription with Vitae, a training rescource which includes valuable information for early career researchers and postgraduate research supervisors. Supervisors should register with Vitae (using your institutional email address) to access relevent training.

Research events