Business Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

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Scope and themes

BEE represents a variety of significant and pertinent topics in Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship; enterprise education, lifestyle entrepreneurship and social enterprise. 

Universities’ roles in encouraging the development of enterprising graduates have been perceived by policymakers as a route to increasing the UK’s global economic competitiveness. In a sector where funding cuts continue and students are more diverse than ever before, the need for research into enterprise education delivery and effectiveness is more pertinent than ever.  Our research on enterprise education supports our research informed teaching approach and informs a national understanding of the topic through our links with Enterprise Educators UK. 

Lifestyle entrepreneurship refers to businesses operated in a manner that incorporates non-financial factors that support the maintenance or shaping of a particular lifestyle or quality of life.  Our research in lifestyle entrepreneurship has focused on lifestyle sports, often also referred to as ‘extreme’, and ‘alternative’ sports, and those working in the craft industry.  This topic of research is significant to our location in the south-west and its rural characteristics. 

As a University with the Social Enterprise Mark, situated within a Social Enterprise City, Social Enterprise is a key focus of our research.  Social enterprises are businesses which are set up to change the world through reinvesting or donating profit to create positive social change. Like traditional businesses they aim to make a profit but it’s what they do with their profits that sets them apart.  



All members of this cluster are active in the research community and have a sustained track record of success in income generation and research outputs in the form of journal publication and conference presentation.

Director: Dr Emily Beaumont



Sarah Preedy

Sarah Stevenson


PhD students: