Experimental Myology & Integrative Physiology

EMIP is just one of many Research Clusters at Plymouth Marjon University. Click here for details on other Research Clusters.

Scope and themes

This research cluster develops its actions in two research and innovation streams:


Muscle cell and tissue basic and translational research

Structurally-informed research to reveal critical functional parameters in muscle health, injury and disease implemented using in vitro single myocyte mechanics protocols and a range of biochemistry approaches. In vitro and in vivo test-beds are employed in basic research and in pro-clinical trials to test new concepts and innovations. Collaborators include members of the CEP cluster, national teams (Geeves, University of Kent) and international teams, especially via the H2020 Muscle Stress Relief Network (Myburgh -University of Stellenbosch SA, Tzartos – Neurodiagnostics Gr).


Integrative physiology research for the preservation, recovery or augmentation of human performance

We research key muscle status & performance parameters, important for the recovery from injury and trauma, or prevention and treatment of the detrimental impact of chronic disease, including diagnostics, in collaboration with the international Muscle Stress network, the CEP and Musculoskeletal research clusters. We also research other integrative approaches for the optimisation of muscle status, incl. safeguarding skeletal muscle status through nutrition and exercise in collaboration with the CEP cluster and Sports Science Lab, local actors (KSL, NHS, McMillan) and international teams (e.g. Kawashita- University of Matto Grosso BR, Stefanidis/Flouris/Koutedakis, University of Thessaly GR, etc).


Director: Dr Christina Karatzaferi