The Research and Innovation Office

Supporting colleagues

Research grants

RIO provides a range of services to support colleagues seeking to secure research grants:

  • Information about research opportunities
  • Advice on grant application processes
  • Advice on costing and resources
  • Contracts and memoranda of understanding
  • Collaborative agreements
  • Bid preparation

Running smoothly

Research Awards

RIO manages the Research Awards. Applications for awards are submitted to the office which then passes these to the Research Awards Panel. The office logs all applications and holds reports resulting from the research projects enabled by the awards.

Research & Innovations Office - All things PhD

Here to help

All things PhD

The RIO has been extensively involved with the PhD partnership agreement between Plymouth Marjon University and the University of Chichester. It manages PhD student activities, including responding to enquiries from prospective students, processing registrations, changes to status, upgrades, examinations and other administration. 

REF submissions

Preparing for REF 2020

The RIO will coordinate the University’s next REF submission in 2020. In the intervening period RIO will be facilitating ongoing preparations for the REF exercise and providing advice on REF processes and developments to colleagues across the University. RIO also manages data for audit and reporting purposes. Both open access and open data are mandatory and strongly encouraged respectively by the REF and many funding bodies.


International networks

International collaborations, contracts and agreements with overseas partners and the creation of new opportunities all fall under the remit of the RIO. In practical terms, this involves working with partners to develop new networks and partnership opportunities.

Research & Innovations Office - Knowledge exchange

Connect with enterprise

Knowledge exchange

The University is committed to developing its engagement with regional and national enterprise. RIO is the University's instrument to achieve this through building relationships with business to encourage partnerships and growth through knowledge exchange.