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  2. Rebecca Kelman

    Registry Administrator (Student Records)

  3. Yvonne McCann

    Personal Assistant to the University Secretary and Registrar

  4. Thumbnail for Our people - Alden, Mark

    Mark Alden

    Registry Co-ordinator (Student Records)

    Registry Services 01752 636700
  5. Thumbnail for Our people - Winsor, Adam

    Adam Winsor

    Senior Registry Co-ordinator (Admissions and Compliance)

  6. Tracey Brackstone

    Registry Co-ordinator (Assessments & Results)

  7. Thumbnail for Our people - Barnfield, Karen

    Karen Barnfield

    Head of Registry and Admissions

  8. Thumbnail for Our people - Skinley, Vanessa

    Vanessa Skinley

    Senior Registry Co-ordinator (Student Records & Results)

  9. Thumbnail for Our people - Thomas, Jessamie

    Jessamie Thomas

    Governance Officer

  10. Thumbnail for Our people - Plant, Stephen

    Stephen Plant

    University Secretary & Registrar

    Registry Services 01752 636700
  11. Thumbnail for Our people - Charlesworth - Smith, Jo

    Jo Charlesworth - Smith

    Registry Co-ordinator (Curriculum & Student Records)

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