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Student village

The Student Village comprises 38 houses. It is situated on our campus so is very handy for all our study, social and sport facilities. Located on the west side of our campus, it is a quiet area with adjoining green spaces.

The Student Village is particularly popular with returning, top-up and postgraduate students. Adjoining it, The Oaks provides additional accommodation for postgraduate and PhD students. 

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Geoffrey: Hey.

Caitlin: Hi.

Geoffery: Hi, I’m Geoffery. I’m a resident assistant in the Village.

Caitlin: And I’m Caitlyn and I’m a student. Welcome to our house.

Geoffery: In this video we’ll give you an idea of what it’s like to live in a Village house. The best thing about living on campus is that you got the shop, you got the Sub, which is the new bar and that’s got a Starbucks in it as well. And then you have the laundry as well, if someone’s using the washing machine, you go use the laundry facilities. And you’ve also got the canteen, got the Grand stand, you got the sports centre, which has a gym, swimming pool, and it’s got sports halls. So if you need to let off a bit of steam you can head over there.

Caitlin: The best thing about living in the Village is it’s quieter than halls, which means you tend to get a bit more work done. And obviously you still have your own personal space. So if you want to have a social time with your friends, there’s room for you to all sit down, play some board games, have some cups of tea. In the kitchen we have a washing machine, a kettle, a microwave, a half oven, plenty of cupboards for storage space, obviously the sink to do your dishes. Usually get chairs, tables, and a nice little breakfast bar as well so you can sit with your friends while you eat.

Geoffery: So I’m currently the resident student assistant in the Village. So this means signposting people to the right places where they can get the help they need and ensuring that all students in the Village have a good university experience.

Caitlin: Welcome to my room. This is what yours could look like. And there are two different types of rooms you can get here. They are priced differently depending on size, but the rooms do tend to be bigger than the ones in halls, so you have a bit more space for your things. The houses have either four beds or five beds. There are two bathrooms in every house, so you’ll either be sharing with two people or three people. And they are big rooms and nice bathrooms. They’re a bit more personal than the ones in halls.

Geoffery: And if you have a lecture at nine o clock in the morning, you can leave at 8:50 and still get to the lecture on time.

Students studying at Marjon for the first time on our Plymouth campus are guaranteed either a room on campus or in off-site University approved accommodation. Conditions apply to the accommodation guarantee.

New students with a firm offer can apply now for accommodation and your room will be allocated once your offer becomes unconditional.

The following accommodation is available in the student village:

  • 12 X five bedroom houses
  • 24 X four bedroom houses
  • 2 X three bedroom houses
  • Two bedrooms with purpose-built en suite wet rooms for students with impaired mobility

  • Each house shares two shower rooms with WC and hand basin
  • Standard bedrooms have a hand basin and vanity unit with mirror
  • Houses are mixed gender
  • Standard rooms are priced from £106 per week
  • There are some smaller rooms priced at £96 per week

  • Every room comes with a single bed, mattress, mattress cover, bedside cabinet, wardrobe, desk, office chair, noticeboard, waste bin and blackout blind.
  • Some rooms also contain a chest of drawers and/or an easy chair.
  • The shared kitchens are kitted out with a kettle, fridges, freezers, a microwave, a cooker and a toaster.
  • An ironing board (students are asked to supply their own iron).
  • Includes IT support and out-of-hours support for wellbeing and incidents. Please note that resident parking is not available on campus unless you hold a blue badge. Please see our Green Travel & Parking Policy.
  • See also our  page for ideas about the things you might want to bring when you move-in.

Contracts are for 42 or 43 weeks from September to July and include the Christmas and Easter vacations. 

You pay the University direct for your accommodation in full or in instalments:

  • 18 weeks due September, 12 weeks due January and 12 weeks due April (in-line with payments of grants and loans from the Student Loan Company)
  • A parent, guardian or other can pay on your behalf via standing order of eight payments, the first due in September then on the 1st of each month from November to May.

Rates include heating, lighting, wifi access and personal contents insurance.

For first year residents, buying a Dining-in-Card is obligatory at £820, which gives you around £19.50 per week to spend on campus food (in the shop, canteen or Sport Centre café). This means you’ll keep eating even if you’re spent all your money elsewhere.

We understand that many postgraduate students go on placement so we offer a 43 week contract (the duration of your course) with a break clause. So, if you do find your placement is more than 30 miles away from campus or more than a 30 minute commute you can break your tenancy for the duration of the placement and not pay for this time.

We offer a safe environment with pastoral support, 24/7 security and we fully comply with the UUK Code of Practice for the Management of Student Housing, which is designed to give students a safe and good quality place to live.

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