Email Information

Email Information

The Marjon Email system & Password Management System are for the sole use of staff & students of the University of St Mark & St John. If you are not a member of the University do not attempt to log on to either system.

When you join a course that entitles you to a Marjon email account it will automatically be created for you. Marjon email accounts are in the form and it is your responsibility to keep the email account secure and manage the content in it to stop it filling up.

Email accounts are closed down when either of the following criteria is met:

  1. The account has been identified as completed and therefore removed after 90 days or more.
  2. The account has been identified as withdrawn and therefore removed after 90 days or more.

The Marjon Email is protected by a secure connection, once you are logged in you can check the server identity by double clicking the small padlock icon at the bottom of the browser window.

The Email system is not a file store, it is for sending & receiving messages, student email accounts have a maximum limit of 50Mb. There are limits to the amount of data your account can hold & you are encouraged to regularly delete messages & attachments you no longer need. Any information you need to keep should be downloaded & saved elsewhere.

Current limits for students are

  • Warning @ 40Mb
  • Can't send @ 45Mb
  • Can't send or receive @ 50Mb

If you are having problems using either system, please contact Computing Services (