email Hoax

Hoax Emails

If you receive the following or a similar message, please do not forward it to your friends and colleagues. Forwarding unsolicited chain letters wastes time and bandwidth.

  Urgent: Please Forward! Hello to everyone from the Hotmail Headquarters! This is just a little test to see who is actively using their email account and in effect deleting all inactive users accounts. This process will make the whole site faster and easier to use for the active users. Now on to what to do with this email. All you have to do is forward this on to at least 10 registered Hotmail users. If you don't forward this on within 48 hours of reading it, your account will be deactivated momentarily until you contact Hotmail Headquarters.

The Marjon email policy states:

"Do not forward any virus warnings of any kind to *anyone* other than .It doesn't matter if the virus warnings have come from an anti-virus vendor or been confirmed by any large computer company or your best friend. *All* virus warnings should be sent to only. It is Computing Services's job to send round all virus warnings, and a virus warning which comes from any other source should be ignored."


Visit the Sophos Hoax Mail page for more information.