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Logon to Papercut.


Enter you Marjon computer username and password. 

Web Print

With web Print you can send .PDF documents to the cloud print queue to be released later.

Good for computers where the printer is not connected, such as Apple Macs or tablets.


Select Web Print, and then Submit a Job.


Page 1

PaperCut-WebPrint-Page1-Select a Printer,

Select the required printer, svr-airick\Cloud Printing (virtual).

Press [2. Print Options and Account Selection >>]  to goto Page 2

Page 2

Enter the number of copies.

Press [3. Upload Document >>]  to goto Page 3


Page 3


Enter the number of copies.

Press [Upload & Complete >>]  


A page to show progress will be displayed as the .PDF file is sent to the cloud printers.