What happens when you dial in using the main external numbers

Explanation of what people should hear when they dial into the University using the external lines.

The College has two main external facing telephone numbers:
• 01752 636700
• 01752 777188

When a caller dials into either of the numbers the Auto-attendant system will intercept the call and handle/route the call appropriately. Initially you will hear the greeting message "Welcome to the University... if you know the extension you want please dial it now, if you want to speak to the receptionist..." if a caller opts to hold on without dialling any numbers the switchboard will take the call, on a first come first served basis and assist.

When you dial an extension you will hear the system message "Please hold" whilst the Auto-attendant checks and attempts to pass the call to the internal number you dialled. During any transfer of calls the system will be silent whilst data is routed between the Auto-attendant and relevant extension. The system has always worked in this way, this is not a fault.

If the extension you dialled is engaged you will hear a system message stating this and be offered one of the following options:
Dial 1 to enter another extension
Dial 2 to Hold
Dial 8 to leave a message – presuming the staff colleague has voicemail, if the extension does not have voicemail the caller gets routed back to main menu.
Dial 0 to be transferred to the operator

If any phone extension handset has been left off the hook the extension number will automatically go into “Parked” status and the Auto-attendant will route the caller back to the top of the initial greeting menu to redial another extension.

If a caller opts to leave a message on an extension without any voicemail the caller will be routed back to the top of the initial greeting menu to redial another extension. This is one of the advantages of the new voicemail system, it can take messages whilst you are on another call. If any staff member wants voicemail set up they should contact Computing Services via the Helpdesk in the first instance.

External - 01752 636700/777188 extension 4333
Internal - Extension 4333
Visit us near the Library, next to the 24 hour access room.