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The Marjon Digital Innovation Team is involved in a wide range of activities to support the development of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) at the University.

Working closely with students and staff, Digital Innovation provides support and guidance on the use of a range of TEL tools.

Working to encourage teaching led use of technology, which directly enhances the student experience, the team is constantly looking at new technologies, innovations and techniques.

‌The team works to support the use of TEL tools at the University, alongside the development of resources including reusable learning objects. 

Digital Innovation also maintains a large range of guides and videos to support students and staff with the use of the technologies used at the university on the TEL Help area.

Some of the TEL tools used at Plymouth Marjon University include: 


LearningSpace is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It complements a student's on-campus experience by providing 24/7 access to resources and activities from anywhere in the world.

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Turnitin is the University's electronic submission tool enabling students to submit their work online. Staff have access to a rich e-marking and an originality checking system

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Replay provides the platform for the University's campus-wide content capture system. Alongside automatic capture of lectures, staff can record other learning material which will be available to students via LearningSpace.

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Edublogs is the largest education blogging platform on the web. Every student at the University is able to create blogs, eportfolios and websites through the Edublogs system.

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Mahara is the University's e-Portfolio package, allowing students and staff to create, maintain and share a rich online portfolio.

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Socrative is a web based question and feedback tool which students can access from their own devices to answer pre-planned questions or to provide instant feedback.

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