3E Framework

Framework for the Enhanced Use of Technology in Learning & Teaching

To assist staff with the practical implementation of technology in to their modules a 3E Framework, based on an Enhance-Extend-Empower continuum originally developed at Edinburgh Napier University, has been adopted. This framework advocates a small-steps approach to the introduction of technology and features illustrative simple-but-effective examples that might be incorporated as a minimum (Enhance), through to uses of technology that give students more responsibility for key aspects of their learning (Extend), and to underpin more sophisticated, authentic activities that reflect the professional environments for which they are preparing (Empower).

Benefits of the 3E Framework

Feedback from the 2011 Learning Resources Survey and the 2011-12 LearningSpace Student Feedback report outlines that students expect all their modules to be supported online, and that they value a balance of face to face contact with online interaction. While few modules or programmes can be taught fully online, an underlying principle of the benchmark is that all modules can adopt technology to benefit some aspect of the learning, teaching and assessment experience. This could involve the use of technology to:

  • free up time for face-to-face contact
  • allow students to study at times which are most conducive to their learning
  • provide opportunities for self-testing to reinforce factual knowledge
  • facilitate the collection of and feedback on assignments
  • encourage peer support and greater participation from all students
  • enable effective learning within and across different groups of learners, in learning from guest experts, and engaging with relevant professional groups
  • foster the development of key skills and attributes including collaborative skill, autonomous learning ability, and digital literacy

The benchmark builds on the previous ‘minimum LearningSpace requirements’ for an online presence, by promoting the active use of technology in modules. In this respect it aligns directly with the University's Strategic Plan and Learning & Teaching Strategy which states the importance of “combining face-to-face teaching with e-delivery in a complementary way”.

Introduction to the 3E Framework

Originally developed for Marjon's Learning, Teaching & Research Conference Adam Read, Senior e-Learning Technologist, has created the following short video introduction to explain how the framework is designed to enhance learning & teaching.

Introduction to the Framework

Download the 3E Framework

A full PDF version of the framework can be downloaded from below. The framework, which has been modified from an original version created by Edinburgh Napier University, is available under a Creative Commons licence.