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Edublogs is a WordPress based blogging and website creation tool that has been specifically designed for use within Education. At Marjon we provide staff and students with the ability to create, manage and develop their own Edublogs sites under the Marjon domain.

How we use Edublogs

Edublogs is being used for a range of different purposes across the University. It is embedded into the assessment element of various modules, encouraging students to develop valuable skills and a good online presence for employability.  Edublogs has also been used by staff members across departments to create online sites and resource areas.

TEL Help    Conference website

A great benefit of Edublogs is that we are able to manage all sites created using our Edublogs service. This includes moderating site content and giving staff members control over all the sites within a class. 

Sites created for use within assessment are private by default, allowing only the student and module tutors access to the sites. At the end of the students studies their sites will be made public, and from this point the students can choose what privacy settings to apply to their site.

Student computerOnce Students Graduate 

We continue to support students with Edublogs when they leave the University by providing them with continued access to their sites for up to 2 years after graduation. During this time, students will continue to benefit from the support materials available on Marjon’s help site and also the Edublogs help site . After this time there is an option for students to export their site content to be re-uploaded to a different platform before their accounts are closed.

If you want to know more information about the use of Edublogs at Marjon please contact the Marjon elearning team.