REPLAY is the University's lecture capture system. This service level agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities for all users of the REPLAY system.

Staff will:

  1. Be aware of the University’s Lecture Capture Policy and all of its underlying principles.
  2. Be aware that the University will, by default, record the audio and projected images used in all lectures, and that these will be made available to students/staff who would have been in a position to view the lecture (i.e. module-based permission). No video will be captured.
  3. Not infringe copyright in any materials that may be captured. Please see our REPLAY guidelines for advice and support.
  4. Be aware that although students should not re-publish recordings to public websites, there are no technological barriers to prevent them from doing so. Should students publish the recordings, normal student disciplinary procedures will apply.
  5. Ensure that students are aware that a session is being recorded, this will be highlighted with in-room posters, but staff can verbally mention this too.

Students will:

  1. Not share recordings without the expressed permission of the performer (i.e. the recorded tutor). Doing so will likely result in formal disciplinary procedures.
  2. Not keep personal copies of recordings for longer than the duration of their programme of study.
  3. Inform their tutor if they wish to be removed from any lecture recordings (i.e. if they verbally asked/answered questions which may have been captured).
  4. Not rely on lectures to be capture, University attendance policies remain unchanged.

Computing & Media Services and the e-Learning Team will:

  1. Not guarantee that all recordings or live broadcasts will be successful.
  2. Manage the rollout of the REPLAY system to users.
  3. Process opt-out, deletion and takedown requests from REPLAY users.
  4. Be the main support link to Panopto Europe Ltd, or any other suppliers for the REPLAY system.
  5. Provide support for REPLAY.
  6. Conduct application testing in the development environment.
  7. Maintain technical and guidance-based REPLAY webpages.
  8. Oversee an annual review of REPLAY usage and performance.
  9. Arrange personal and lecture recording software upon request.
  10. Only support AV equipment that is recommended by the University.
  11. Install and monitor the AV equipment in REPLAY enabled rooms.
  12. Provide advice on using the recording equipment within University environments.
  13. Housekeep recordings by removing captures that expire (recordings are kept until the end of the following academic year). Where requested, this may be waivered to retain specific captures on request.