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InterLibrary Loans 

If you require temporary access to materials that we do not have at Marjon Library, you can apply for an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) and were possible we will order them in for you from another library.

A number of free InterLibrary Loans are made available to all Marjon students and staff. The amount of free ILLs you receive is dependant on your level of study.

Level of Study Free ILLs
1st/ 2nd year and Foundation 5 per year
3rd years and PGCE students 12 per year
Post Graduate and Masters 20 across course
Research students 100 across course
Staff 25 per year

Once you have exhausted your free allowance you are welcome to continue to request ILLs, however the following fees will apply.

ILL fees

Books £14.65 per request, per item
Journal Articles  £10.92 per request, per item
Renewals  £5.25 per request, per item.
Please be aware that every ILL, free or paid for is subject to renewal fees


To make an InterLibrary Loan request

1. Check the library doesn't have a copy of the item you want before making a request.
Requests for items the libary already has will be declined. 

2. Vist the library catalogue and make a request. 

Once your request has been approved and processed, you will recive an email informing you the item is ready for collection. What happens then differs for articles and books.

Journal Articles

Journal articles will usually be supplied electronicly via the British Library’s On Demand service. These usually arrive within seven days of your request being processed. International journals and those not held by the British Library may take longer to source.

An encypted copy of the article will be sent to the Marjon email you supplied in your request.

To access your article, you must first register with the British Library’s On Demand system.
Note: Your username CANNOT contain the @ symbol.

To download your article, click the link in the email and log in using the On Demand username and password you created in the previous step.
Follow the prompts and install DRM Lite.
Note: You will also need Adobe Reader (version 10 or above).

You have 30 days to download the article from the date it was sent. Once you have saved the article, you can continue to access it for up to 3 years.

You are allowed to print a single copy of the article for your personal use. 

All articles supplied via The British Library are solely for personal use and must not be diseminated or reproduced.


DRM Lite Guidelines

These instuction are taken directly from the British Library's DRM Lite Guidlines. Please contact them directly if you are having issues using DRM Lite. 

What is DRM Lite? 

DRM Lite is a system that allows the British Library to supply securely encrypted documents and ensure they are only used as permitted by the rights holder. Access to the document is by Username and Password via Adobe Reader 10 or above. The document is locked to a user rather than a machine, meaning it can be viewed on any machine, including mobile devices. Users are required to be registered for On Demand to enable them to open documents.

How do I open a document using DRM Lite?

A link to the document is delivered by email; the link will take you to the download page.

If you are registered for On Demand and the system recognises your email address, you will be prompted to “Click to download your document”. If you are registered for On Demand and the system does not recognise your email address, you will be prompted to enter your Username or On Demand registered email address before you “Click to download your document”. If you are not registered for On Demand, you can register by clicking ‘Register for On Demand’on the download page.

Follow the instructions to activate your account. Return to the download page and enter your Username or On Demand registered email address before you “Click to download your document”.

Note: It can take up to 5 minutes for our records to be updated.

Once you “Click to download your document” you will be prompted to enter you Username and Password.  You will need to enter these details each time you access the document.

Why won’t my document download or open? Why am I seeing blank pages?

You must be connected to the internet in order to access these documents.  
Set Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer, if your browser’s default PDF viewer is not Adobe Reader, disable it before attempting to read your documents.
Make sure you are useing Adobe Reader 10 or above.
Try going to to ‘Edit’> ‘Preferences’>‘Security’ and click and confirm the ‘Clear remembered account information’ button, then retry the download link.
The download link will expire 30 days from the date of the original email. If the download link has expired, the item will need reordering.
If your Username contains and @ symbol this will result in the error message 'There was a problem accessing your document, please try again later'. If this is the case please contact DRM Lite Customer Services directly. 

I can’t get Adobe Reader. Are there any other options?

Unfortunately, DRM Lite works only with Adobe Reader 10 or above, and documents will not open with any other PDF viewer.

How long can I access the document for?

The article is not automatically saved and you must save it at the browser’s Save/Open? prompt. Once the document is ‘saved’, you should have access to it for three years from the date of supply. If files are not saved, access from the download link will cease after 30 days and the item will need reordering. Upon expiry, you will be locked out of the article permanently.

What do I do if I have forgotten my On Demand Username or Password, or if my Password changes?

If you have forgotten your On Demand Username or Password, there are links to have reminders sent from the On Demand home page. If your Password changes, you may continue to access saved documents using your latest Password. However, you may need to clear the remembered account information in Adobe Reader.


InterLibrary Loan Requests

Terms & Conditions

For your request to be accepted you must supply a current Marjon email.

Please allow at least 5 working days for your request to be processed.

All request are subject to avaliability.

If you have any queries email:

Contact us

01752 636700