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SCONUL Access is a reciprocal borrowing scheme involving many Higher Education Libraries in the UK. If you are eligible you can join the scheme and utalise the resources of other libraries in the scheme.

A list of participating libraries can be found here. Click the button below to visit the official SCONUL website for more information and to apply for membership. 


• Research students
• Full time postgraduate students
• Part time students
• Students on placement for more than 6 weeks (access will only be granted for the placements duration).
• Full time undergraduate students (reference use only).
• Members of staff

Even if you do not fall within these categories it may still be worth completing a SCONUL application. As you may still be eligible for some limited access. 

1. Follow the link below and complete an Access application. You will receive an email from "" acknowledging your application. Please allow 5 working days for your application to be approved.

2. Receive the approval email stating your SCONUL "band" and expiry date.

3. Present this email along with your Marjon library card to the library you wish to use. Once you have been accepted by SCONUL you can use multiple SCONUL member libraries. Just remember to always present the acceptance email at each one.

Note: Every SCOUNL member institution will have its own rules and regulations for SCONUL members, so consider contacting them in advance.

Apply for SCONUL Access

If you are not a Marjon student or member of staff and you wish to use the SCONUL scheme to access our resoureces. Please make enquiries at your home library or make a SCONUL application using the link provided.

Once you have joined SCONUL Access via your home institution, please present your confirmation email and home library card to the Marjon Library counter.


Joanne IrwinTazzar

01752 636700
(ext. 4200)