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How many books can I request?

You can request as many books as you have space for on your account. If you request more than this they may still be picked but you will be unable to borrow them until you return other items to make space.


Can I return books if I don’t need to borrow anything?/ What do I do if I need to return books to make space for Click and Collect items? 

To return items without borrowing or even coming into the main library area, use the box in the Library foyer. Staff will periodically check the box and remove the items from your account. 

If you are using click and collect and also need to return items on the same day, please do not use the box in the foyer. Instead, when you collect your books, return you books on the self-service machines like normal, and then issue your new books. 


 don’t want to use Click and Collect, can I just come in and pick my own books from the shelves? 

No, although the Library will be open for study we’re asking you not to browse the books, this is to help minimise contact points. 

We’re working towards making safe browsing possible in the future butto give you access to materials now, you need to make a Click and Collect request. We are also temporarily allowing reference copies to be borrowed, as you will be unable to use them in the Library. 


Will you be charging fines? 

We will not be charging fines for the moment, unless there is a hold (reservation) on an item. It’s still important to renew your books frequently to make sure you’re keeping track of all your borrowed items and to check for reservations.

We are allowing users to request that the Library recalls overdue books that they’ve reserved. Staff will contact you if a book is overdue and recalled, asking you to return it - penalties may apply in that instance. 

Will I get all the books I request? 

We will do our best, but cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide everything requested. Even if the books are showing as available on the catalogue at the point you make the request, it is possible they may be issued to others in the interim or be out of circulation for various other reasons. 

We don’t offer substitutions, however your hold on that item will remain active so if it becomes available at a later date we will either add it to your existing collection order or notify you to collect it separately. 

While every effort is made to complete each request in full, the library makes no guarantee that this will be possible. 

Can I cancel my Click and Collect? 

Yes, just go to your account on the library catalogue and cancel your holds. If you have already received an email confirmation that your items are ready to collect, please email us at so we can make those items available for others as soon as possible. 


How long will books be issued for? 

All books will issue for 2 weeks at a time – this includes reference copies. Previous loan periods will not apply, but you will still be able to renew an unlimited number of times as usual. 


Can I place reservations (holds) on checked out items? 

Yes, holds placed on items that are already on loan,are treated the same as any other hold. Once the item has been returned and gone through 72 hours of quarantine you will be emailed and asked to pick up in exactly the same way as the 'Click and Collects'. 


What's the deal with postal loans? 

While we recommend reading the full terms and conditions included in the postal loan agreement, some general things to be aware of are: 

  • Postage out to you is covered by the Library, if you need to return items by post, the cost of return postage is your responsibility.  

  • You must have enough space on your account for items you want to borrow. 

  • If an item is available as an E-Book we are unable to post a print copy to you.  

  • Our post day will be Wednesday, so please allow enough time for staff to collect your items, notify you and then for us to receive your completed agreement form.