Copyright FAQs

Question: Can I make multiple copies to hand out in class or to make up course handbooks?

Yes - our CLA licence allows this with the following provisos:

1. The students are registered students (or staff) of Marjon.
2. The material is not on the CLA "Excluded Works" list.
3. The amount copied and distributed for any one module, from any one published edition is not more than the greater of:
a) 10% of the edition or,
b) one chapter of a book, one article of a journal, the report of one case in law reports, or,
c) one short story or poem of up to 10 pages from an anthology.
4. Marjon owns a copy of the original material, or a British Library Copyright Fee Paid Service copy.
5. Only one copy per student on the module, plus one for the tutor, is made.