Copyright licences at Marjon

COPYRIGHT LICENSING AGENCY (CLA HE) LICENCE Marjon holds a licence granted by the Copyright Licensing Agency, which allows staff and students to make and receive photocopies beyond  that which is allowed under the Copyright Act. Photocopying

The licence  allows copying of :

  • One article from any one issue of a journal  or set of conference proceedings
  • One chapter of a book
  • One poem or short story up to 10 pages from an anthology
  • The report of one case in law reports
  • Or 10% of any of the above, whichever is the greater number of pages
  • Illustrations  may be copied provided they accompany the text of an item

 Multiple copies

For handouts or printed course handbooks you can make enough copies for each student enrolled on a module, plus a copy for the tutor or lecturer, in accordance with the above allowances

Please note you may not make copies from excluded works, please see for more details

You may not make copies from material not owned by the institution, unless you have sourced a copyright fee paid Inter Library Loan.  Please email for further information.

 You may not make copies from personally owned materials.


CLA HE Scanning Licence

The Licence allows Marjon to scan and upload journal articles and book chapters to Learning Space, but there are strict conditions which must be met, which include:

  • Only “Designated Persons” can carry out the scanning applied for under the Licence. At Marjon this is dealt with by the Library. This means that other staff within the institution must not scan and upload any materials.
  •  To request a scanned extract you must complete a request form. This can be found on the Library page of the intranet under CLA HE Scanning tab. The Library has to keep a record of every extract scanned, for CLA administrative purposes.
  • Marjon must own a print copy of the original material or a Copyright Fee Paid copy. Personal copies cannot be used for scanning.
  • The scanned extract must be part of a module specific collection, and can only be downloaded and printed by students/staff on that specific module.
  • The original material must be published in territories that have an agreement with the CLA permitting scanning under the Licence and must not be listed on the CLA excluded materials list.               ( )
  • Restrictions as to the extent of the scanned extract are the same as the limits for photocopying see above. 


For any further information on the CLA Scanning service, please check the FAQ’s page on the Staff Intranet

or contact Ann Sawyer



For more information:

Copyright Licence Agency

CLA excluded works

Inter Library Loans


or email Theresa Oakley on