Electronic materials


Copyright applies to material in electronic format as well as on paper. It is important to bear the following points in mind:

  • The design, layout and contents of websites are automatically protected by copyright when they are created.
  • Do not assume that printing out a page from a website is allowed - websites often have terms and conditions of use and these will state how much material can be used and for what purpose. If you can't see permissions on the website contact the website owner for clarification. This is important even if you only link to a website.
  • Do not use "deep links" - always link into the home page of the site so as not to bypass copyright statements or credits, and to ensure that the author is identified.
  • Forwarding or publishing material either in print or electronic format is an infringement.
  • Do not carry out unauthorised downloading of software or music, eg by file swapping.
  • Blogs are also protected and terms and conditions should be checked before quoting.

The Library subscribes to many databases, e-journals and e-books. The use of all electronic resources is subject to the terms and conditions of the licence agreements between Marjon and service providers.


Where can I get further advice?


Please email Theresa Oakley on toakley@marjon.ac.uk