Television, radio and DVD recordings

Marjon has an ERA licence that allows the recording of any "Free to air" broadcasts on the following channels:

  • BBC television and radio
  • ITV network services
  • Channel 4 and E4
  • Five television
  • S4C

We also have the ERA+ licence which allows recordings to be uploaded to Learning Space where they can be accessed on or off campus. ERA Licence information guide (Oct. 2014)

Recordings must be used for legitimate educational purposes only.  There are some very useful answers to questions you may have via the ERA Licence website's FAQs

The ERA licence also allows recordings to be made of Open University films and other Open University copyright works broadcast by the BBC.

Please see the Media Services webpage if you wish to request a recording.

*Commercial DVDs cannot be copied, except in the course of instruction in the making of films or soundtracks. Commercial DVDs may be shown in a classroom environment.* 

Where can I get further advice?  

Please email Theresa Oakley on