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Group Work Rooms

We have four Group Work Rooms, which are bookable through the Library Help Desk. They are great places for studying in groups, or for those occasions when it's important to discuss ideas, conduct interviews or prepare presentations.

Each room is different, so have a look at what facilities we offer below, including information about how to book the rooms.

Group work rooms one and two

  • Electronic whiteboard with projector and laptop, marker whiteboard with pens, desk and seating.
  • Located on the 1st floor of the Library, within the Teaching Practice area.
  • Recommended capacity of four people.

Group work room three

  • This space includes desks, seating, a comfortable sofa and a two whiteboards.
  • It's located on the second (top) floor of the Library.
  • Recommended capacity of five people.

Group work room four

  • One comfortable sofa.
  • One conference style desk, with six chairs.
  • It's located on the 2nd (top) floor of the Library, next to the Speech and Language Therapy resources room.
  • Recommended capacity of six people.

Booking Group Work Rooms

  • You can book our rooms by visiting the Library Help Desk or by calling 01752 761145.
  • Unoccupied study rooms may be freely used without making a booking. However, priority use will always be given to those who have booked.