Inter-library loans

If you need to use any material not held by Marjon Library we will try and obtain it for you from elsewhere, via the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service.

Your request will initially be sent to the British Library. If they cannot supply we will try other ILL lending libraries.

Inter-library loans (ILLs) are available to all staff and students, for educational and research purposes only. Allocations vary and are shown below:

Year/course Number of ILLs allowed 
1st and 2nd year Undergraduate
Foundation students
5 per year
3rd year undergraduate
PGCE students
12 per year
PG certificate, PG diploma and Masters level 20 in total over whole course
Research students 100 in total over the course
Staff 25 per year

External borrowers may use the service but at the current cost of an ILL application.

Marjon library users may also obtain additional loans at the current cost of an ILL application.

ILL loan charges

Book £14.65
Journal article SED £10.92
Renewal £4.85

Prices correct as of August 2017 

How do I apply for an ILL?

Always check the Library catalogue and A-Z listing of electronic resources before making a request to ensure the item is not in stock.

If the item should be on the shelves and you are unable to find it or place a hold, please fill in a trace form at the Library counter or email Library Enquiries at  and we will look for it for you.

If you are having problems viewing a journal article which we should have access to please phone the Library on 01752 761145 or email Library Enquiries at

If you are making an Inter-Library Loan request please fill in the form on the link below:

Link to - Inter Library Loan request form

How do I know when an ILL has arrived?

  • You will receive an email to your Marjon email account.
  • Books will not be sent to you, you will need to collect them from the Library.
  • Please collect items promptly as they may be subject to restricted loan periods.
  • Journal articles will normally be delivered by secure electronic delivery (SED).
  • Some items may only be used in the Library if this is the requirement of the British Library or other lending institution.

Secure Electronic Delivery

Journal articles will be delivered by secure electronic delivery (SED) unless otherwise requested or the article is not available electronically.

We advise that you download the test document and read the information via this link  before making an ILL application.

Please note

  • SEDs will be sent to your Marjon email account and provide a link to the file for the item you have requested.
  • You will need to install Adobe Reader version 4 or later and FileOpen to download documents (see link to test document above).
  • The article can be downloaded once and the content will remain available for up to three years on this PC or device only. (Therefore we recommend you download the file to your home and not a University PC).
  • You have 30 days from when the British Library send the file to download the content, after which it will be deleted. (Therefore we recommend you download the file as soon as possible after receiving it).
  • The article can only be printed once (Please check your printer is working correctly beforehand).
  • The file cannot be altered in any way.

How long will the ILL take to arrive?

We will process your request within three working days of receiving the application. However the total time will depend on the type of request and whether it is in stock in British Library or we need to source from elsewhere.

  • Electronic journal articles usually arrive within five working days.
  • International journals or those that the British Library do not hold may take longer to source.
  • Books usually take around two weeks to arrive but may take longer if already on loan to another Library, or are in heavy demand and on a waiting list.

How long can I keep an ILL?

  • Refer separately to information on SEDs.
  • You may borrow a book for approximately five weeks, unless the item has a loan restriction.
  • The due date will be written in the information slip when you collect the item.
  • If the item is not returned by the due date the British Library will renew it automatically. There is currently a charge of £4.85 which will be added to your Library account. You will be informed of the new date by email.
  • The British Library has an automatic charging procedure for items which are not returned on time. This is currently £163.10 + VAT (or more if the item is expensive to replace). If the item is returned late the admin charge (£80 + VAT) will not be refunded. The borrower will be responsible for these charges not the University Library.

The ILL system depends on good-will as no Library is obliged to lend us material. If items are returned late or damaged, further borrowing may be withdrawn. We will recall all loans at the Lending institution’s request.

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Further information:

Phone   01752 636700 ext 4200



Inter library loan request form (adobe .pdf, 74 kbs)