Rules and regulations

Term time opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8.30am - 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am - 4pm

Ground floor open 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Contacting the library:

 Communication fron the library:

 The Library’s official communication channel is the main Library webpage

 and via the Hub at:

We may also post information on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Library notices are sent to the email address that you have registered with, although these are only a courtesy notice and should not be relied on. If you are a student at a partner institution, the notices will be sent to your institutional email address.


Using the library:

All members of the institution are entitled to use the Library. A Library card is issued at registration and will be needed for the duration of your course.  Cards are assigned a default PIN of 1111; to protect your record we recommend you change this via the Library catalogue as soon as possible. Your card will be required in order to use the RFID self-issue and return kiosks and you must have your Library card to borrow items. You are responsible for all items issued on your card and any debts incurred, even if you borrowed on behalf of someone else. If you lose your Library card you must inform the Library immediately. A charge of £5 will be made for a replacement card, whether damaged or lost. If your card has been stolen, a new card will be issued free of charge on the production of a crime number. 

Proxy borrowing:

If you wish to allow another person to borrow books on your behalf they must have your Library card and they can use the self-service machines to borrow, return, renew and pay fines. If you wish them to be able to discuss your account with Library staff then you need to send an email to or write a letter to the Library allowing us permission to discuss your account with the named person.


Borrowing allowances:

Type of borrower Borrowing allowance
Year 1 15main library items 
NB. BEd students can borrow an additional 15 items from the Teaching Practice Collection
Year 2 15 main library items , increasing to 20 main library items after the dissertation hand-in applicable to Year 3 students
NB. BEd students can borrow an additional 15 items from the Teaching Practice Collection
Year 3 20 main library items 
NB. BEd students can borrow an additional 15 items from the Teaching Practice Collection
PGCE 15 main library items + 15 items from the Teaching Practice Collection
Foundation 15 main library items
Enhancement courses 15 main library items
Masters 20 main library items
PhD 20 main library items
Church College Certificate 15 main library items
CPD/PPD 15 main library items 
NB: increased to 20 main library items when student moves to final M level modules
Interrupted 5 main library items
Staff 20 main library items
External borrowers 5 main library items, no restricted items
SCONUL Access users 5 main library items, no restricted items


Loan collections:

Most books are issued as standard loans; however titles in demand may be placed in restricted loan categories. Although items can be borrowed and renewed in the Library and online at weekends, we guarantee that items will never be due back on a weekend and fines will not generate on these days.

Loan type Issue period Label colour Fine per item
Standard 3 weeks White 20p per day
Weekly 1 week Green 75p per day
Teaching Resources 5 weeks Pink 5p per day



All items in the Library can be renewed an unlimited number of times, as long as the item is not already overdue, and has not been requested by another user. Items can be renewed online via the Library catalogue

If you experience problems with renewing online, please ring the Library during opening hours on 01752 761145 or email You are always responsible for ensuring that your books are renewed on time, so please ensure you contact us if you have any problems.



Overdue items incur fines.  Non-payment of debts will lose you your entitlement to borrow until the debt is settled – please see Loan Collections section above for fines per item per day, reaching a maximum of £20.00 per renewal.   Items overdue before a vacation continue to accrue fines over the vacation period.

Books are not automatically issued over a teaching or clinic placement– you must remember to renew your books whilst you are on placement as fines will continue to accrue. If you are going overseas for your placement, please contact

If a user reserves an item that you have on loan and it is more than 1 week overdue, you will be emailed directly by the Library, and recall fines of 75p per day will be charged on the item, in addition to fines already accruing.

 Billings notices for lost books and fines totalling over £25 will be emailed to your Marjon email account. If you are a student at one of our partnership institutions an email will be sent to the address registered within the Library.

 Billings notices not responded to within 28 days are passed to the Finance department as official debts, and a paper invoice will be sent to your home address.

 Accounts invoices for official debts for students from partner institutions will be posted to the partner institutions. Where these remain unpaid, the Library will liaise with the partner institution.


Library notifications

The Library system is set up to send out courtesy pre-overdue notices the day before your books are due, and overdue notices the day after they become overdue. These notices are sent to your Marjon email address, or if you are a student at a partner institution, they are sent to your institutional email address. These notices are generated automatically by the system, however as with all automated systems these should not be relied on; the onus is on the borrower to ensure that their items are returned or renewed by the due date.



Reservations can be placed if all copies of an item are checked out. This can be done via the Library catalogue.  If there are already reservations on an item, you will be placed in a queue. Please note you cannot reserve items which are already available on the shelves. You will be notified by email when the item becomes available, and you can collect your reservations from a self-service area on the ground floor.

Recalled loans

If an item you have reserved is more than 1 week overdue, please inform the Library.  We will recall the item and the current borrower will be charged 75p per item per day in addition to any fines already accruing. These charges will apply 3 days after the email has been sent.

 Lost, stolen and damaged items

The replacement cost will be charged for all items lost, stolen or damaged, plus a £10 administration fee. There is a fixed charge of £30 when items are no longer available. Alternatively you may purchase a replacement copy (ies), providing it/they are the newest available edition and format. No refunds will be made once a replacement item has been ordered. Items returned before a replacement is ordered will receive a refund less the £10 administration charge. 

Returning books

Students may use the self-service kiosks to return their books. 

Respecting other library users

Library staff monitor the noise levels in the Library on a regular basis, although we are ultimately dependent on students to respect the rights of others to work in a peaceful environment, and to alert us to any problems. A text alert service is employed to allow students to anonymously alert Library staff to any issues. 

Study areas 

We have multiple study areas to suit all types of study:           

  • Ground floor: this is a social learning area, and here you can work in groups. There are also 2 bookable group work rooms on the 1st floor. 
  • 1st floor: this is a quiet study floor. If you are working in groups, please keep noise to a minimum. There is also a separate silent study area on the 1st floor. 
  • 2nd floor: this is for silent individual study, and no noise is accepted. Please refrain from working in groups on this floor. 
  • Hot and cold drinks and cold food can be consumed on all floors of the Library. Hot food is not permitted on any floor. 
  • In accordance with the institutional ICT Code of Practice, no food or drink is permitted in the IT Suite. 
  • Mobile phone use is discouraged and restricted to the staircases in each of the two towers. Please try to use your phone quietly as noise carries easily from the towers.
  • The Library adheres to the institutional no smoking policy. 
  • Defacing and vandalising books is a serious breach of the University’s Student Misconduct Procedures. This includes underlining text or highlighting and making notes in books. 


Services from other libraries

Services from other libraries:Interlibrary loan service 

Items not stocked by the Library can be obtained from an outside library. Please see the interlibrary loan webpage for further details. Borrowers are governed by the conditions of issue laid down by the lending institution, and these will not be deviated from without prior approval from the institution. 

Books not returned on time are subject to charges from the British Library, and all charges are passed onto the borrower. The charge for a lost book is £160.10+VAT, although you may be charged more if the item is more expensive. If the book is subsequently returned, you will be refunded the lost book charge, minus an admin fee of £80.05+VAT. 

The Library is bound by the interlibrary lending procedures, abuse of which can result in the withdrawal of loan facilities to the institution.  Any abuse of the system will result in that facility being withdrawn from the user concerned. 


SCONUL Access is a reciprocal borrowing scheme between Higher Education libraries in the UK. 

Staff, research students, full time postgraduates, distance learners, part-time students and students on placements lasting more than 6 weeks are eligible to join the scheme. Full time undergraduates are also eligible to join the scheme but will be restricted to reference use only. Full details are available from and on the Library webpages. 


Security in the Library


The Library operates a security system to ensure that items which have not been issued are not removed from the Library; this helps us to provide an efficient and effective service to all users.  Should the system be activated on your departure from the Library you are asked to co-operate fully with the staff to ensure the correct issue procedure is followed.

 All readers who bring bags, cases, portfolios etc into the Library may be required to open them for inspection by a member of staff when leaving the Library. 


Feedback procedures

The Library welcomes feedback, and students are encouraged to complete comment cards with their thoughts. There is the option to provide an email address if you would like a response from the Library. Users can also email and your feedback will be passed on to the appropriate member of staff. you may also post comments on the white board in the stairwell on the first floor of the Library.

If you would like to make a written complaint, please address this to the Head of Library. Users can also follow the University complaints procedure. 


Non-compliance with Library rules and regulations

The regulations are not designed to penalise the conscientious user who uses the system properly but are necessary to protect the interest of all readers.  The Head of Library is empowered to levy fines of up to £100.00 for breach of the Library regulations. Users may also be prohibited from using the Library.

Disputes of a minor nature or infringements, not dealt with by the Head of Library, will be referred to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Serious infringements of the regulations will be subject to the Student Misconduct Procedures.  It is not intended that any of these measures will be imposed where mitigating circumstances can be shown.  Mitigating circumstances will be decided by the Head of Library.


Copy Shop

Opening hours: 

  • Term time:  Monday – Friday:   08.30 – 16.30
  • Holiday time: opening times during holiday periods will vary, please check the Hub for details at


Contacting the Copy Shop: 


Services in the Copy Shop:

Please see the Copy Shop webpage for details of services available.


Paying for Copy Shop services: 

Print credits currently cannot be used to pay for Copy Shop services. Print credits cannot currently be purchased in the Copy Shop.