Service level agreement

This document is intended to present the minimum level of service that users can expect from the Library. As with all such agreements targets have been set to reflect normal circumstances and they may not always be met in periods with high levels of staff sickness or vacant posts. The targets will be regularly monitored in order to ensure that targets are being met and service levels improved, wherever possible.

General Library Service

This covers the area of the service provided at the Library issue counter and the associated routines. The Library will open and close at advertised times A welcoming and helpful environment will be provided. Staff will be made available to issue and discharge items in the shortest possible time. Queries will be answered or referred to another member of staff for resolution. A telephone service will be provided for users. To provide as far as possible equality of service to all customers through the use of specialist equipment. Staff will shelve returned items three times a day, including books left around the Library. Uncollected books from the reservation shelves will be re-shelved daily. Library shelves will be tidied daily on an ongoing basis. The physical condition of the stock will be maintained.


Problems with photocopiers/MFDs will be responded to within 30 minutes. Where necessary the servicing company will be contacted for repair of equipment within 24 hours, except at weekends.


Any complaints will be dealt with promptly within the working week.

Inter-Library Loans

To take action on a request within 3 working days, except in exceptional circumstances To prepare received items for use and issue notification to the requestor within two working days. To provide suitable facilities for reading restricted items and to assist with usage, where required.


Users will be made aware of the reservation system. Requestors will be notified when an item becomes available within 24 hours and to retain the item for 7 days for collection. Action will be taken to expedite the service within 1 working day and to initiate the recall procedure for on-loan items on request. Users will be informed if considerable delay is anticipated. If a student has reserved a book which is then required for the Short Loan Collection they will be advised immediately.

Electronic and Web-based Services

Library Web pages to be updated daily Electronic/Web page queries to be dealt with, and responded to, within 24 hours of receipt. New book titles added to library stock to be listed on the Web within 7 days of the book being added to stock. Examination papers to appear on the University's VLE within 4 weeks of receipt. Evaluation of new Web sites and checking of Web links will be ongoing

Stock Ordering and Receipt

Recommendations for purchase will normally be ordered within 21 days. Priority action is taken for urgent orders. Claims to suppliers are made every 6 weeks but will be chased on request. Urgent orders will be made available for loan 24 hours after they have been received by the Library. Ordered book material will normally be made available for loan 10 days after receipt and audio-visual material 12 days after receipt. All journals received will normally be checked in and on display within 2 days of receipt. Monthly claims are made on journals not received.

General Administration

This set of indicators cover the operation of the office of the Head of Library and management of the Library in general.

Correspondence Mail

All mail is opened on delivery and dealt with on the same day. All letters, memos, faxes, and orders are dealt with on the same day unless further information is required from other sources. Telephone calls taken or forwarded immediately. Messages taken and forwarded within hours on the same day. Return of calls is normally dealt with on the same day. Invoices are coded, authorised and forwarded to Accounts in less than 48 hours. All queries on invoices are queried with the company on the same day. Follow up calls until the query is resolved are undertaken on a weekly basis.

Requests for Journals

Journals, required for a new or revalidated module, are ordered immediately, if funding is available. Other requests are held back to be dealt with at the start of a financial year.

Other Purchases

All orders for ICT and other non-resource based library orders are submitted within 24 hours of being authorised by the budget holder. Library fines money, photocopying and other income are counted, balanced and paid into the Accounts Department once a week. The till is balanced on a daily basis.

Photocopy Supplies

Orders for paper and toner are made according to need. Meters are read on receipt of request forms and returned within 12 hours.

General Library Publications

Library Guide and Rules updated and reissued for the start of each Academic Year. Other Library guides produced to satisfy demand or when updating of procedures or services are made. Code of Practice Guide on ICT usage and Network Registration form is updated annually and included in the Student Pack sent to all new students.

Please note that due to the staffing pattern of the Library at weekends references to working day / working week relates to Monday - Friday only.