SCONUL access

What is SCONUL Access?

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal borrowing scheme involving many Higher Education Libraries in the UK. If you are eligible you can join the scheme and borrow items from other libraries.
A list of libraries in the UK that participate in the scheme is available from the SCONUL Access website. 

Who is eligible to use SCONUL Access?

• Members of staff
• Research students eg PhD, MPhil
• Full time postgraduate students eg MA, MEd
• Part time students
• Students who are away on placement which lasts more than 6 weeks (borrowing access will only be granted for the length of the placement and a new application will need to be made for each placement)
• Full time undergraduate students (for reference use only)

How do you register to use SCONUL Access?

• Go to and click on "Get Access".
• Use the drop down menu at the bottom of the page to start your application process.
• You will receive an e-mail from "" acknowledging your application

Allow 5 working days for approval of your application. You will then receive an approval email which will also state your "band" and expiry date.

• Print a copy of this e-mail and present it along with your Marjon library card to the university you wish to use. You can apply for membership of multiple University libraries - just remember to take a copy of the e-mail along.
• Each university will have its own rules and regulations for SCONUL members. 

If you are a member of another institution and want to borrow from Marjon Library?

If you are not a registered Marjon Library user and you wish to take participate in the scheme please make enquiries at your home library. Once you have joined SCONUL Access via your home institution, please bring your confirmation e-mail and home library card to the Library counter. Once registered, you will be allowed to borrow 5 books at a time. 

Further information:

For more information please contact Joanne IrwinTazzar on 01752 636700 ext 4200 or email
or visit and click on "Get Access" for a general user guide.