Turbo charge your degree - clubs, societies and student jobs

Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors play a key role at events such as open days, applicant days, marketing events and higher education fairs as well as helping out with many office-based tasks. It is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and increase your confidence and you’ll earn some money.

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Our sport clubs

Is there a sport you love? Do you want to try something new? Our students say they benefit from fitness, coaching and great friendships when they join our sport clubs.

The following student sport clubs are currently available: American Flag, Badminton, Cricket, Men’s & Women’s Football, Women’s Futsal, Men’s & Women’s Rugby, Netball, Men’s & Women’s Hockey, Tennis, Men’s & Women’s Lacrosse, Dance, Cheerleading, Adventure Sports, Rowing, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Waterpolo and Volleyball.

Our students are also eligible to apply to the Plymouth Albion Senior Rugby Academy and our basketball team link with Plymouth Raiders for coaching.


Set up your own society

Joining a society enables you doing something that feels worthwhile, fulfilling and meaningful to you.

In a survey of 55 students who participated in clubs and societies 95% of students stated that they had developed new skills and 90% experienced personal growth (Preedy, 2017). Students who participate in extra-curricular activity at university (sport, societies, volunteering) are more likely to gain graduate level employment. These graduates are more likely to be happier, command higher salaries and be more positive about their prospects.

If we don't have the society you want then the Student Union will help you to get one started.

Our societies

Whether you are into Choir or Cricket, LGBTQ+ or Live Music, you'll enjoy meeting like-minded people. Other societies include Baking, Christian Union, Feminist, Friday Nights In, Giving Voice, Green Impact, Lost and Found, Radio and Vegan & Vegetarian.


Student Reps

Student Representatives are the voice of students at Plymouth Marjon University.  They are elected/volunteer at the start of the academic year to represent their course mates at Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs) and the Student Experience Council (SEC). They are therefore expected to attend SSLCs for their programmes, as well as attending SEC as often as possible. Within SSLCs an issue relating to their course can be raised. If this is unable to be resolved at an SSLC or needs further action, the Student Reps can raise it at SEC.

The role of the Student Rep is a highly rewarding one. You will make a real difference to the student experience by discussing and influencing important decisions and changes at the University.

As well as being a great addition to your CV, acting as a Student Representative will stand you in good stead for your future career when you may have to participate in your employer’s meetings, or even organise and run your own meetings!  


Social Media Champions

The student social media team are a fabulous bunch of creative and social-savvy students who create content to showcase the best of the University. They can get involved with presenting, blogging, story-telling, reporting, image and/or video work across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. It’s paid work and a great start for those pursuing creative and digital careers.


Work placements

Placement Learning is different from work experience; it is a planned period of learning, normally outside of the University and the learning outcomes are part of the student’s degree studies. Credit is not awarded for undertaking work, but for the skills demonstrated as a result of the experience. 

According to our Phillippa Elford, Placements Co-ordinator: “Research shows that employers are more likely to employ graduates who have relevant placement experience. It has also shown that students who undertake placements improve their academic performance, because students become more involved with the learning process and, therefore, better motivated”.

In a placement, you’re showing future employers that you’re capable of taking on professional responsibilities and that you’re serious about your future career. Placements also help you to make valuable links within your industry: links which could lead to employment down the line. 

Going Places

Going Places offers you the chance to have an international experience whilst studying at the University. These experiences will allow you to develop life-long skills in leadership, problem-solving and language skills that will enhance your employability and professional skills.

From volunteering in Africa, engaging and educating children, to running a summer camp at Camp America, you can get involved in just about anything! We’ll offer you student bursaries that will cover some of the costs that an experience like this requires. Bring your idea to us and we’ll help you to make it happen!