Dining In Scheme

For residential students living in Halls, this forms part of your accommodation agreement (and further information can be found by following this link).

The University’s DIScount card is available to all students via the Catering Office

The card is flexible and you can set it up with an amount of your choice (for example £10, £20, £50 etc). You can top this up whenever you need to by taking it to the Catering Office between 0900 and 1500 Monday to Friday.

The benefit of the DIScount card is that you will get a 10% discount when using this in the Servery and Cafe Bar/Starbucks

The DIScount card enables you to purchase food, confectionery and beverages from the catering facilities:

  • The Servery;
  • Cafe Bar, StarBucks;
  • The Grandstand Cafe (located in the Sports Centre and open 7 days a week);
  • Shop.

(The shop will accept the DIScount card for all items except selected magazines, stickers and novelty items; tobacco and alcohol cannot be bought with your DIScount card at any outlet).

Unspent amounts at the end of an academic year can be carried over into the next year, however you must use it all by the end of your programme of study as there is no refund. We would advise that when you purchase food you check your receipt as any mistakes identified cannot be rectified at a later date. In the event that you lose your DIScount card please report it to the Catering Department immediately. A £5 charge will be made for a replacement card, the account can be cancelled and the money transferred to your new one.