Spiritual Well-being

Top 5 tips:

  1. Respect yourself, others and your environment.
  2. Whether you have faith or not, find out about other people's faith or spiritual beliefs.
  3. Create a quiet space and time where you can reflect on your day. (family photos and special things can help, so can quiet music that you especially like)
  4. University is an opportunity to explore your own values and beliefs so ask yourself some questions like - Did I treat others like I want to be treated today? Did I try to fit too much in today? Did I find time for those who are special to me today?
  5. Take time to think about Where do I fit into the world? What will my life be like? What are my top values?

Why not try:

  • Keeping a journal (or blog) to help you work out your own values and beliefs.
  • Making a point of talking to people who come from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • To work out what 'spiritual' means to you.

Essential information and resources:

LearningSpace > Student Support > Chaplaincy