Boost your employability

  • Degrees that involve placement learning is a great way for students to get practical, hands-on experience to complement their academic work in a supportive environment. It gives students the chance to contextualise and reflect on their studies as well as identify any personal strengths, weaknesses and future career aspirations.
  • Research shows that employers are more likely to employ graduates who have relevant placement experience.
  • Research shows that students who undertake placements improve their academic performance, because students become more involved with the learning process and are therefore, better motivated.
  • Placements help you to make valuable links within your industry: links which could lead to employment down the line.


Why you should offer work placements

  • You get access to individuals with higher-level skills who can bring new ideas to the company whose knowledge or interests are relevant to your business.
  • An additional resource – a fixed term placement means that you make use of a flexible source of talent, ideal if you have a discrete project that lends itself to a temporary appointment.
  • Add significant value to your business – Plymouth Marjon University students bring you fresh new ideas and innovative ways of doing things
  • Support your future recruitment plans - a short term placement has the potential to help you identify key staff over the longer term to help you meet your business goals. Little initial training is needed to convert a placement student into a fully-fledged member of your business, given their experience with you.
  • Support students to gain employability skills - placements can form an important part of your business’s ethos, corporate social responsibilities and identity by developing the skills of local students or those that are important to the future of your industry.