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Marjon Health

Marjon Health provides a wide range of services on site and within the local community for the general public. Onsite this includes a number of our health based clinics alongside those which are run by, or in partnership with the NHS and Livewell Southwest. 


Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic

A dedicated therapy and rehab clinic open to the general public from Monday to Thursday. The Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and facilities run by professional staff alongside our undergraduate degree students.



Health checks

Our health checks are available to anyone who would like to find out more information regarding their physical health.

The check includes: 

  • Weight
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Glucose
  • Body Composition

Our health ckecks are £25, or £20 if you are a member of our sports centre.

To book a Health Check please email


Livewell South West

The University works in partnership with Livewell South West to support and deliver a wide range of health programmes within the city. This includes the delivery of the successful Leg Club, where patients with leg ulcers' are treated by nurses and take part in a lifestyle programme to improve their recovery rate and all round health and wellbeing of the patients. We also deliver work place health and well being and community intervention programmes. The partnership enables our students to work with Marjon staff and Livewell SW professionals to improve the health and well being of the the people of Plymouth and surrounding areas. To contact the Leg Club please call 01752 434625.


Body Reprogramming

The pioneering new body reprogramming course is designed for people with Fibromyalgia. Patients can access the course through their GP. If you have Fibromyalgia, live in or near Plymouth, and wish to go on a course, please contact your GP. The programme is a 12 month partnership between Plymouth Marjon University, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Plymouth. Visit the Body Reprogramming website for more information.


Marjon Back Pain Clinic

In conjunction with Sentinel Healthcare this is a 6 week group programme that accepts referrals from Sentinel’s low back pain service at Mount Gould to which patients are normally referred by their GP. The clinic comprises a single 2 hour session each week. There are rehab exercises specifically designed to increase core strength but also ideas on how to limit bad movement practice in everyday living, advice on improving overall fitness and opportunities to do a range of physical activities such as walking, swimming, pilates and gym based exercise.


Active Choices Clinics

The Active Choices clinics at Plymouth Marjon University have been running since 2008 to use physical activity to patients to manage chronic health conditions. Over time we have expanded our work to include people living with cancer, type 1 diabetes, fibromyalgia, leg ulcers and a range of other conditions.