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Personal training

We are not offering personal training at this time, we hope to bring it back soon.

If you would like to know more or be put onto the list of people to contact once this offer is available, please email

What is personal training?
A personal trainer is a fitness professional who provides one-to-one sessions to an individual usually over a period of months. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback to clients. Personal trainers also measure their client's strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.

What is the difference between personal training and a personal programme?
A personal programme is a single hour session with a gym instructor where they provide you with a simple workout plan for you to follow independently on your own. Personal training is a more in depth service with more trainer contact.

How much is personal training?
Personal training is £28.00 per hour and £220.00 for a block of 10.

How fast must a block booking be completed?
All block bookings must be completed within 6 months of purchase.

How long are sessions?
Sessions are for 1 hour.

When can personal training sessions be booked for?
Personal training sessions take place during our opening hours depending on availability of the personal trainer.

What happens at the start of the programme?
An initial pre-assessment will be arranged to be introduced to the personal trainer, to discuss goals, experiences and to also have any physiological assessments if both parties feel it is necessary.

Where do personal training sessions take place?
Personal training sessions usually take place in the fitness suite, however all of the facilities in the sports centre can be used if the personal trainer feels it is necessary for the session and is also available.

Is personal training for all levels of fitness?
Personal training caters for all fitness levels and sessions are customised to each client’s individual needs and experience.

How often can someone have personal training?
Frequency of sessions depend on availability of the personal trainer and what they advise to best suit each individual. Clients may also be recommended the fitness classes alongside their personal training sessions.

Can personal trainers advise on nutrition?
Personal trainers can advise on nutrition in line with their own individual qualifications.

How much notice must be given to cancel a session?
A minimum of 6 hours’ notice must be given when cancelling a session or client will still be charged for the session.

Can a client use the fitness suite on there own?
Clients must have an active Marjon Sport & Health membership, which will allow them to use the fitness suite in their own time.


Looking to be fitter, healthier or slimmer? A personal trainer is a fitness professional who provides one-to-one sessions to individuals usually over a period of months.  These sessions give you everything you need to not only get some serious results but provide some life changing transformations.

  • Single Sessions - £27.00 per hour
  • Block Bookings - £216 for 10 X one hour sessions