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Lactate Threshold Testing

Alongside VO2max, the ability to sustain a high percentage of aerobic capacity is essential for performance. Similarly, prescription of exercise is dependent on the principles of intensity, duration, volume, and intensity.

Sports Lab - Exercise Capacity Testing

A lactate threshold assessment is commonly used to provide submaximal anchors of these principles to assess ability and support endurance training prescription in line with targeted training zones. 
Testing requires measurement of blood lactate through capillary sampling during increasing levels of exercise intensity. You will receive a detailed report providing performance and training advice. 

Testing typically involves 6-8 stages of exercise at progressive intensities. At the end of each stage a capillary blood sample will be taken from your fingertip or earlobe. Concurrent assessment of heart rate and oxygen uptake will be measured throughout. ​ 

Who Can Use This Service

These tests can be accessed by anyone and can be adapted to fit individual requirements. The testing can be carried out on the following ergometers: treadmill, cycle ergometer, concept II rowing ergometer. ​ 


You will be provided with information on your resting heart rate, performance, and training zones based on heart rate and exercise intensity (power or speed). 


Lactate Threshold test carried out by a staff member: £100

Lactate Threshold test carried out by a student (with staff supervision): £85

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Tara Grosvenor (April 2023) 

‘’I worked with Chris and his team at Marjons over the past year while training and racing as a Full Time Professional Long Course Triathlete. The team has been invaluable in helping me to understand my physiology better to guide my training approach to improve my performance. The team worked closely with my coach and I to structure tests collaboratively to understand the specific metrics we were looking for. I hope to continue working with the team as I now transition into semi-Elite Ultra Distance Running. I will do this having returned to Full-Time Employment, therefore utilising training and recovery hours effectively will become vital to seeing continued performance improvements.’’ 

Rob Lee (May 2023) 

‘’Chris and his team have been a key component for me rebuilding my fitness after several years away from serious competition, raising a young family, building my business and coming back from a serious injury. The testing, and advice they have given me following each test, has helped to steer my lifestyle and training decisions in the right direction, moving me towards both better health and improved performance on the bike.’’