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Team Testing & Support

Using our sport centre facilities and specialist equipment we can offer tailored sport science testing for sport teams. ​

We can predict and measure strength, measure power, collect body compositional data and test anaerobic & aerobic capabilities. 

Why use sports science testing?

There are several reasons why a professional sports team might use sports science testing:  

  1. Injury prevention: One of the primary goals of sports science testing is to identify potential injury risks in athletes. By conducting physical assessments, teams can identify any imbalances or weaknesses that could lead to injuries and develop programs to address those issues.  
  2. Performance enhancement: Sports science testing can also be used to enhance an athlete's performance. By analysing an athlete's movement patterns and biomechanics, teams can identify areas where they can improve and develop training programs to help them reach their full potential. 
  3. Recovery: Sports science testing can help athletes recover from injuries faster by identifying the root cause of the injury and developing targeted rehabilitation programs. 

Who Can Use This Service?

These tests can be accessed by anyone wanting to bring a squad of players in for specialist testing.  

When will I get my results?

Following the testing session, you will receive your results within 5 working days.  

How much does testing cost?

Squad testing for 16 players:

  • Bronze - £235 (additional £15 per person for more than 16 players)
  • Silver - £320 (additional £20 per person for more than 16 players)
  • Gold - £400 (additional £25 per person for more than 16 players)

How do I book?

For all inquiries, please email


Paul James (May 2023) 

“The Plymouth City Patriots has enjoyed wonderful provision from Plymouth Marjon University. The new partnership deal meant that over the course of the 2022/23 season we were able to enjoy the excellent support from various departments including the Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic, Sports Therapy Clinic and work within the Sport & Health Science Lab in Strength and conditioning. We were also able to make good use of the support from Sport Psychology and Sport Nutrition, which we greatly appreciated for our developing programme. 

It was great to see students working alongside professional within a professional environment enhancing the student experience in all these areas and more at Marjon University”. 

Charles Cook (April 2023) 

‘’For the last six months our Elite diving athletes have been attending two sessions each week at Marjon. Working with the great team at Marjon we were able come up with a great package for the divers, where they had access to great tuition in both strength and conditioning in the sports Lab and rehab sessions in the placement clinic.  

Our divers have learnt so much in their weekly sessions that has had so many positive benefits such as less injuries, faster recovery and a much better foundation for us to continue to build upon. 

Every athlete has built up a good relationship with the students and have each been given their own training plans/exercises to work on between the weekly sessions.  

The sessions themselves are professionally run and the divers always wish they could stay even longer.’’ 

Luke Puleston (April 2023) 

‘’On behalf of Plymouth Argyle Community Trust, I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know how thankful we are of the sports science lab and the hard work that Chris and Meg do! I’m glad that this year we decided to work closer with you. It’s great that our young athletes get to see and experience all the wonderful equipment you have to offer.   
I was also like to thank both Chris Puleston and Chris Smietanka for their detailed insight of what courses Marjon has to offer. After these conversations most of our third-year students have decided to further their education and chose the university of St Mark and St John as their new place of study.  Alongside helping academically, the use of the lab and experience of both Chris and Meg has been beneficial for us in aiding our athletes’ rehabilitations.  

Overall, I just wanted to say thank you! We look forward to working closer with the university and the hard-working staff they have employed. This is 100% a relationship that we like to build on for future athletes.’’