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VO2max Testing

VO2max testing assesses an individual's maximal aerobic capacity. It is commonly used in sport and fitness settings to assess cardiorespiratory fitness across all levels of ability, providing valuable information which can be used to tailor endurance training programs or monitor adaptation.

Test information

There are several methods used to measure VO2 max, including treadmill and cycle ergometer tests, and the choice of method often depends on the specific sport or activity being performed. Testing typically involves a progressive increase in exercise intensity until volitional exhaustion. Heart rate and oxygen uptake are monitored throughout, and a capillary blood lactate sample is required post-testing.

Testing can be adapted for sub-maximal predictive assessments on request. 

Who Can Use This Service?

These tests can be accessed by anyone and can be adapted to fit individual clients. The testing can be carried out on the following ergometers: treadmill, cycle ergometer, concept II rowing ergometer. ​ 


Within 5 working days you will receive information on your resting and maximal heart rate, used in the calculation of heart rate reserve, and VO2max score.  


VO2 Max test carried out by a staff member: £70

VO2 Max test carried out by a student (with staff supervision): £55

How to Book

For all inquiries, please email