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Marjon Student Union

We want to say a massive congratulations to both our elected officers and everyone who came forward for our elections this year, it may have been different than usual but it was incredibly successful

A total of 463 votes were cast during our elections this year and both candidates met the minimum threshold of votes in the first round and so were duly elected without a need to progress to further into another round of voting through our voting system.



Will Mintram has been elected for President for 2022/2023

Deputy President

Rebekah Fletcher has been elected Deputy President for 2022/2023


Three of our part-time voluntary roles were left unfilled during our nominations process and so we will be re-opening nominations after the Easter break for any student to come forward for them. These roles are: International Students' Officer, Campaigns Officer and Entertainments Officer and Diversity Officer.

If you would like to know more about any of these roles you can contact Mick Davies ( to have a chat or are interested in running for any of them.

During elections week, we have also elected many of our part-time voluntary officer roles who each have their own area of focus within the Students' Union. Of the candidates who came forward for these positions, all stood unapposed and so were duly elected on Friday 25th of March alongside our sabbatical officers.


Media Officer

Dylan Ramsay has been elected as the Media Officer for 2022/2023

Women’s Officer.

Sarah Boyd has been elected as Women's Officer for 2022/2023

Mature students’ Officer

Hayley Knight has been elected as Mature Students' Officer for 2022/2023

Sports Officer

Liam William has been elected as Sports Officer for 2022/2023



Image of Marjon Student Union Deputy President Will Mintram

Will Mintram

Will Mintram was duly elected President of Marjon Students' Union 2022.

Rebekah Fletcher


Rebekah Fletcher was duly Deputy President of Marjon Students' Union 2022.

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