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Marjon Student Union

Marjon Student Union (MSU) has you, the student, at its heart. Offering support, guidance and advice, MSU hosts societies, sports clubs and regular events to enrich students’ experience both academically and socially. True to its ethos, the MSU is run by people elected by the students.

Elections take place every year in March and all students are invited to put themselves forwards. The team comprises permanent members of staff and part-time volunteers. MSU exists to make sure your university experience is as rewarding and positive as possible. Although obviously linked to the main University, the MSU is an independent charity and remains impartial when it comes to academic issues and more personal matters. 

Our first round of elections have now ended and we are pleased to announce the election of our President and Deputy President for the academic year of 2021/2022.

Nominations for the unfilled positions will reopen after the Easter break on the 21st of April at 12pm until Friday the 12th of May at 12 noon, after which another round of elections will take place if more than one person goes for a position.

Lauren Edwards

Lauren Edwards was duly re-elected President of Marjon Students' Union. Lauren will continue in her role through to July of 2022.

Will Mintram

Will Mintram was duly elected Deputy President of Marjon Students' Union. There will be a dedicated hand-over period in June for Will to ensure he has everything he needs to start his role in the best possible way alongside Lauren.

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