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Marketing opportunities for brands and local businesses

Marjon Student Union is an organisation run for and by the student population of the Plymouth Marjon University. Student Unions are a unique chance for students to run their own services and to help support and represent themselves throughout their educational career.

Students are a key market for many brands, not least because they have an average annual spending power of £10billion that comprises of mostly disposable income. Whilst in university, students are also in the process of developing brand associations and many are making their own purchasing decisions for the first time, making it a key time for businesses to capture the market.

Plymouth Marjon University has over 3600 students in full and part time courses and the Student Union are the hub and gateway to all aspects of student life. We have currently over 1053 registered students who have signed up for emails and our Facebook user groups are inter linked to promote and advertise information to our students. This puts us in the unique position of being able to provide our clients with a direct and hassle-free media placement service, allowing them to reach this lucrative market.

If you would like to discuss marketing opportunities with Marjon Student Union please contact Kevin Traynor on for further details.