Marjon Student Union

The University Student Union has you, the student, at its heart. Offering support, guidance and advice, the MSU hosts societies, sports clubs and regular events to enrich students’ experience both academically and socially.

2017 MSU Logo

The MSU family

Plymouth Marjon University is pretty unique. Not many universities manage to contain their entire offering on one single campus. This means that the MSU covers a relatively small number of students. And this means we can get to know you all individually, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our tight-knit community. 


Sport, this student can!

Given the University’s state-of-the-art sports centre and wide-ranging sports courses, it follows that the MSU oversees a huge range of sports clubs and activities. So whether you’re a netball fan, a budding badminton player, a football pro or a surfing enthusiast, you’ll find a sports niche for you through the MSU. We love encouraging people into sport, enriching their university experience and linking them to a wider social network. 


Events and entertainment

The Student Union Bar (SUB) is a buzzing hub for anyone attending the University. It’s rarely quiet, and boasts some of the cheapest bar prices in Plymouth. The SUB does great food, too, offering up affordable items from its grill menu seven days a week. 


Freshers’ Festival

The annual Freshers’ Fair runs over two weeks and includes a huge range of events designed to help our new students make friends and get settled into university life. There’ll be nights out arranged in the city, with transport back and forth laid on, more relaxed events for those who prefer a quieter social situation, games nights, live music and much, much more. 


Priority campaigns

The MSU takes its responsibilities seriously, and as part of that, they organise an annual priority campaign to raise awareness of various issues facing today’s student, such as safe sex, mental health and more. Each campaign runs through the academic year with regular debates, guest speakers and social events run in association. 


May Ball

Arguably most students’ favourite event, the May Ball takes place annually and a lot of planning goes into making it the best night of the academic year. Dress code is black tie so students are encouraged to go all out! We set up a marquee on the quad and spare no expense in making the whole night (and it really is a whole night - 6pm to 6am!) one to remember. 


Clubs and societies

Find your fit. We’re big on getting people involved in their passions, so the MSU oversees a huge variety of clubs and societies. So whatever your fascination, be it sports, baking, music, pole dancing, LGBT+ awareness and much much more, you’ll find the society for you. In the rare instance that you don’t, talk to the team at MSU and you could soon be involved in setting up the University’s newest club!


Varsity Week

Plymouth Marjon University possesses a healthy competitive spirit, and Varsity Week is students’ chance to prove themselves against students from Plymouth University. Whether you’re part of a sports team or not, there’s something for everyone with big games held on campus and at major sporting grounds in the city. 



The Student Union Bar, also called Barjon is the on-campus watering hole for students. MSU hosts weekly events in Barjon for students. These include live music, comedy nights and film nights, with drink and soft drink deals as well as special events too such as freshers and refreshers celebrations, plus beer pong championships and bar Olympics.