BEd (Hons) Primary Education - Early Years (with QTS)X310

    Course Overview

    Duration: 3 years full time.
  • Build on your natural passion for working with children and boost your future job prospects. Our Primary Education (Early Years) (with QTS) BEd (Hons) course is a superb route to a bright teaching future. Building on long established partnerships with a diverse range of schools all students have ample opportunities to learn with experienced practitioners. From the start of the course students work in a range of schools gradually building up confidence and expertise.

    When you complete this primary education degree, you’ll be fully qualified to launch your career without delay. QTS from the University of St Mark & St John will stand you in good stead for securing a sought-after teaching position. In fact, graduates from our teaching training courses enjoy very high employability rates.

    This versatile course allows students to explore their love of teaching with a specific focus on Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, with an overall primary coverage.

    For four years in a row, the University’s Teacher Education Partnership (TEP) has outperformed the sector for student satisfaction with its provision. The National Student Survey reports 100% overall satisfaction for our Early Years programme. Recent Ofsted reports have commended the University on the high quality of its training, particularly in the teaching of reading, maths, behaviour management, and in teaching pupils with special educational needs.

    This comprehensive course is carefully structured to provide you with the skills and subject knowledge required by primary and early years teachers to teach the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage. Along with these subject studies, you’ll develop a thorough grounding in all the major skills and issues of education including special educational needs and disabilities, behaviour management, setting high expectations and identifying pupil progress, planning and assessment, managing the teaching and learning of a classroom team, child development and learning through play.

    The overarching aim of the course is to deliver newly qualified teachers who are equipped to make a real difference in their profession, with an outstanding ability to connect with and support those who they teach.

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All modules are compulsory.

1st Year
  • Professional Studies & First Teaching Practice*
  • Child Development & Early Learning*
  • Foundations for Learning*
  • Curriculum Studies: Foundation Subjects & RE*
  • Professional Skills of the Teacher*
  • Curriculum Studies: Core Subjects*
2nd Year
  • Professional Studies: Developing as a Teacher*
  • Inclusion & Primary Education*
  • The Role of Play in Developing Learning*
  • Second Teaching Practice*
  • Managing Medium Term Teaching and Learning*
  • Curriculum Studies: Developing Core Subject Knowledge*
  • Planning the Early Years Curriculum*
  • Curriculum Studies: Deepening Core Subject Understanding*
  • Enhanced Placement.*
3rd Year
  • Early Learning in a Nursery Setting*
  • Final Teaching Practice*
  • Enhancing the Role of the Early Years Specialist*
  • Honours Level Dissertation*

Entry Requirements & Fees

Career Opportunities

The reputation of our trainees, both within and outside of immediate partnership schools in the South West, has resulted in high employability rates, with The University of St Mark and St John  ‘seal of approval’ being recognised by headteachers across the country. Ofsted (2104) praised the University’s ‘effective use of local diversity and wider links which ensures trainees have breadth and variety in their training, so making them highly employable’.  Many students undertake their teaching practices in London or abroad, therefore your qualification from The University of St Mark and St John will enable you to be a serious consideration for any first post.

Over 90% of our trainees go on to secure teaching posts locally, nationally or abroad which is above national rate and many have gone on to secure management and leadership positions. Others go on to further postgraduate study or research posts within Higher Education.

Current Students


Course Leader

This course is led by Sally Eales, one of our most qualified senior lecturers in education and supported by a large team of experienced teachers and education professionals.