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MSF Policies and Procedures

 MSF Transport Policy
(adobe .pdf, 145 KB,)
 MSF Disciplinary Procedures
(adobe .pdf, 110 KB,)
 MSF Constitution
(adobe .pdf, 200 KB,)
 MSF Privacy Policy
(adobe .pdf, 107 KB,)
 MSF Code of Conduct
(adobe .pdf, 54 KB,)
  Coaches Code of Conduct
(adobe .pdf, 78 KB,)
 Club Mentor Description
(adobe .pdf, 81 KB,)

MSF Club Resources


 MSF Covid-19 Code of Conduct
(adobe .pdf, 160 KB,)

Insurance Information

 Cover & Exclusions
(adobe .pdf, 203 KB,)
 Insurance Product Information
(adobe .pdf, 168 KB,)
 Policy Schedule
(adobe .pdf, 94 KB,)
 MSF Handbook 2022-23
(adobe .pdf, 823 KB,)